▲ The Knightclaws are thought to be ennobled fae companions- the oldest of their race serving as familiars to powerful kings and witches. Now, they are the dominant race on their planet of Royal Bastion.

▲ Royal Bastion shares a star with the Wildren homeworld. Knightclaws assisted in the war against the Hollow that ultimately ended in the destruction of Vallencourt. Many of their number were slain, now wandering mindless as dust-hounds in the crumbling Silver Forests of the Garden World.

▲ Highgarden - A clan of impeccable taste. Highgardeners are self-assured, confident and polite. They dress in Baroque and military fashion.

▲ Drakengard - Drakengardians value strength and honour. Loyal to the core. They dress in armour and furs.

▲ Jinzu - The Jinzunites are wise and compassionate scholars. A clan that values knowledge. They dress in fine silk and robes.

▲ Wildheart - The Wildhearts live completely in-tune with nature with many impressive traditions and powerful shamans. They dress in leather, fur and ornamental jewelry.

▲ More yet to be discovered.

Knightclaw vaguely resemble canines or large cats. Their legs are very long with strong joints for running. They possess thumbs, but can also use their powerful magic to manipulate objects.




  • ▲ Knightclaw all possess a strong code of honour, though this code varies greatly between clans and individual Knightclaw. What's honourable to one may not be to another!
  • ▲ Because of conflicting idealogies, clans treat each other with distrust.
  • ▲ Naming Conventions; Knightclaw first names can be nouns, exotic and completely fantastical or relatively mundane. Surnames are often personality or nature related. (e.g. Honourclaw, Proudfoot, Silverchaser, Darkheart)
  • ▲ It's very trendy to style your mane and hairstyle.
  • ▲ Each Clan governs itself with a hierarchy of nobility, knights and craftsmen, all regarded highly for their talents. Some talents (like being a good thief) are less appreciated by the majority, however! It's common to barter with goods and services rather than currency in most clans.
  • ▲ Every Clan has it's own territory.
  • ▲ A clan can be led by several kings or queens depending on the size, followed by advice from duchies and princes; all with a certain role to fill. A king or queen is not omni-powerful, but makes final decisions based on advice from their courts and councils.
  • ▲ Artisans and craftsmen are treated exceptionally well. It's every crafter's goal to secure patronage from a noble.
  • ▲ Every clan has an honour guard of brave knights which serve as warriors and military for the Clan's interests. Many knights are sponsored by a noble but they ultimately serve the clan as a whole, not just the king/Queen. Knights that have achieved some great feat are often ennobled to the court, should they choose to accept.


Q: Do you do customs/MYOs?
Yes! MYO events will happen every so often.
I take customs in very limited numbers.

Q: Do Knightclaw have a canon world?
Knightclaw originally come from a place known as "Royal Bastion."
They are able to leave by any magical (or technological) means.

Q: May I use my MYO to turn an existing character into a Knightclaw?
Yes, you may.

Q: Can my Knightclaw have horns/wings?
Only Dragonblood Knightclaw possess horns and wings. They are most commonly found in Drakengard.

Q: Can my Knightclaw be intersex/nb/whatever?
Your Knightclaw can be anything you want.

Q: Are Knightclaws included in the species benefits on your Patreon?
At the moment, no. They are completely closed and are not one of my Patreon-open Species.

Q: Can I resell my MYO ticket?
Yes, you may always resell your MYO tickets for the price you paid. Designed MYOs follow my regular TOS.

Q: Can I draw them anthro?
Yes, anthro Knightclaw are also canon.

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