Art and Design TOS (2020-2021)

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by kiffell

//basic rules//
-i WILL NOT take your character(s) that were made by me for any reason other than resale purposes. It isn't my right to take something you've bought, even if you block/report/are disrespectful to me.
-please just always be respectful when asking for a commission, design, etc.
-DO NOT ask me about character sales from my TH unless I state that you may DM asking

//character resale rules//
-I WILL however take away a character if i catch you trying to resell it for more than you bought it for.
-no reselling a character for more than what you got it for UNLESS you have gotten extra art
-you are free to trade and gift your character freely but please notify me first. i just would like to know who they're being traded for/gifted to
-PLEASE always notify me if you are reselling a design of mine (@ me, DM me, etc.)

//artwork and commission rules//
-do not use my artwork without permission
-if you are the owner of the adoptable you are allowed to re-upload to any site WITH CREDIT
-you are not allowed to use my work in negative situations
-do not copy/trace/take inspiration from my artwork or characters
-I do NOT do commission refunds
-I will however happily change anything you'd like on a commission

//character designs rules//
-please do not use characters i have designed in situations that involve pedophilia, bestiality, rape, etc.
-you are free to do revamps to characters i have designed (slightly changing markings, colors, species, etc.)
-you are free to use my designs for anything else (besides what was stated above)


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