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Heck why not.

once it goes through I'll transfer them over to you.

No problem!I will sendit in a few hours if that’s okay;v;I’m not backing out at all, I really wannaget a suit of him. 

Oh man a suit of him would be really awesome! Send me some pics if you ever do get one.

I sure will!! I would like to have it done by deerinahat, yamishizen or autumn fallings. If you have a particular liking towards any of those makers- or even another maker I'd be happy to commission them. thanks for letting me buy him, i love em so much ;v; <33

Oh man  love all three style wise but Autumn Falligs has a notoriously bad record in customer service so I'd be more inclined to check out deerinahat first since they open slots often  and have higher quality heads at a lower price then Yamishizen

Oh wow, I honestly had no idea. Thank you for letting me know, I was actually completely oblivious! I'll go with deerinahat, then c: I'll message you as soon as it's done- or maybe wips if you want em haha 

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All sent! Transfer em whenever