What did you draw today?

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Elllllie

Hello! I come from another site that is much more in-depth with their forums. One area they have that I wish they had here is an art chatter section, not for selling but for general art-related conversation. My favorite thread in there was the "what did you draw today" thread. It was fun seeing other people's daily drawings and a fun way to try and motivate myself to draw at least something every day. On Toyhouse, while it's art based, sometimes you might want to draw something other than an OC you have on site but still post it somewhere. Sometimes you want to share that silly scribbly thing you spent 4 hours on but not on DA or Instagram (or whatver you post on). So yeah, here's a place to drop your daily doodles!

-Art doesn't have to be fully finished. WIPs and sketches are totally cool to share!

-There doesn't need to be conversation if people don't want it. Feel free to just post your art of the day and run. Conversely, if you want to chatter it's more than welcome, especially if you want to discuss anything relevant to the drawing process :)

I'll make this into post pretty someday


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone's art is so pretty. I can't handle it. If I had more time I'd ping you all and describe in detail what I love about each of them, but for now I'm just gonna hope you all see this. It's all amazing, and it made me smile tonight.

Today I made a piece for one of my girlfriend's OCs and fell in love with however I made this -- still not sure honestly. Gonna be a fun style to keep experimenting with.


Kana thank you so much! That really helps ^^ I’ve always been wondering how people draw in styles like those, they’re really soft and pleasing to look at in my opinion. If I do have any questions i’ll be sure to pm you about it! :0

Whispersong (Primordial) Tick

a reference image for Whisper owo



i just wanted to do some personal art for once like i feel like I'm always drawing for school and nothing else nowadays it sucks




Two drawings of people's ocs for some art game threads~! 


And a Mob sticker design in the works!! T v T I'm still deciding if it's okay enough--! 

I'm trying to be as productive as I can and I have to say I'm quite proud because this is the furthest I've come!! T u T <3 yay! 



I love drawing character interactions. Fake screenshots are really fun to make


More chibis because I really want to make as many charms for myself as possible lmao