Free Pug Bases...

Posted 6 months, 20 days ago (Edited 6 months, 20 days ago) by GeckoSauce

• Free Pug Bases •


Lately I haven't been well health wise and art hasn't exactly been easy. Don't worry, I am pretty much at the end of my owed art list, just one more to go!

So, today I just wanted to draw something simple and well...I drew Pugs!

I just done the lines so of people want to use them as bases then feel free to.

Unfortunately I can't digitalise any art I do but hopefully these are still useable?

Can do's:

• You can use for adopts (free or DA points).

• You can use for personal art.

• You can slightly change things or add extra features.

Can't do's:

• You can't make profit from the lines alone.

• You must always credit me for the base/link back to my account.

• You can not remove the initials.

• Overly edit bases so they look completely different.

• You can not sell adopts made on these bases for real currency.

I highly doubt anyone will want to use them but if you do, I'd love to see what you come up with!





Oh sure that'd be awesome! 

That'd make it easier for people to use i'd appreciate that ^^



Wow Thankyou so much! :o

They look great and I love what you've named them!

I'll probably be drawing more puggos tomorrow so if as 'payment' you want a specific one drawn I can do ~


CosmicJellie oh sure! I'm happy to give any puggo a go!

How exactly would you like it? (As in its a puggo filled with water or he drips etc) 


CosmicJellie perfect! That'll be a fun one. Last question! Coloured by me or just lines so you can colour? ~



Here is your drippy puggo!

I couldn't get him coloured but hopefully the lines are what you had in mind? 

You can have him as a personal base or I could add him to the free ones whichever you wish!