Show me your sonas!

Posted 2 months, 17 days ago (Edited 2 months, 17 days ago) by Swifty

Do you have a sona?

121 Votes Yes
19 Votes No

Lil edit: I love everyones sonas so much??? They are all precious. So to fix this, show me the characters you view as yourself in any way! Doesn't have to look like you or whatever, I feel everyone's take on a sona is different. So yeah!! Keep 'em coming, I'm loving them

I don't know what the term is - sona, self insert? Self OC ??? ME ???

Either way, I want to see people who have made themselves as a character, which I'm assuming everyone calls a sona!
I've done this once or twice, but I was never pleased with them so I scrapped them. And I want to see others sonas so maybe I'll be inspired to create a new one, since I've been really wanting to.

I do have characters I call sonas, like Bay and Sammy, and they aren't necessarily sonas, I'm just superĀ connected to on a spiritual level lmao. So they are sonas to me, even though they aren't me.

I have this guy here: Dai :heart:

He's somehow a sona.. I have him since 6 years now. ;; <3

He actually has a human form too but I can't find the pictures currently aaah ;;

Just made a new sona!!