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I couldn't see another thread for this so I thought i'd make one!

Is anyone else around here into cosplay? I've been doing it for a while but i've recently started to put a lot more time into it! I love cosplaying, even though it can be a tad stressful at times! It's just a lot of fun dressing up, hanging out and getting to celebrate your favorite character or series! 

So in this thread, maybe talk a little bit about what cosplays you've done, show off some pictures if you like and if you have maybe a cosplay Instagram, you can post it here! Share your experiences and what characters you're hoping to cosplay in the future! Maybe even share some tips or ask for help if there's something you've maybe been needing help on!

For now, i'm just gonna share some pictures from last year that i'm particularly fond of!52ff318a03738f9074cacbf7e81e8136.jpg09b269095f32963e68ef6a6bceb187fc.jpgac39edce0e10113e412b4056503e555e.jpg

That's my Monika (DDLC) cosplay, Tsumugi Shirogane (DanganRonpa) and my Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) cosplay from last year! I'm really happy with how they all came out and I just love wearing them so much! And then today, i've been testing out my new Komaru Naegi cosplay the wig isn't styled yet and I haven't tested the make-up out, but I really love how I feel in it!


With that said, I also have a question for any cosplayers! How do you feel about buying a costume vs. making it from scratch? I'd love to be able to make stuff by hand but most of the time I have to buy them because making stuff stresses me out! I try to do a bit of both though if I think something is doable enough! I made some stuff for my Dancing All Night Chie costume this year and I think they turned out alright!

P.S. If anyone wants to follow me on Instagram, i'm yunaanimatus on there!


i like to make mine + buy custom costumes from people on etsy! it’s so much more fun to have a custom costume instead of a store bought one, just because it feels more like “yourself” in a sense. 

i would post pictures, but i’m not sure if minors are allowed to! but if i learn that they are then i’ll update this.


I don't have any decent pics but I do cosplay

Current Idea: Richter from Castlevania


GOSH whenever I see threads about cosplay I'm just filled with so much nostalgia and the feeling of missing a part of my life I've left behind LMAO, dramatic I know but true nonetheless. I LOVE cosplay so much but I've retired since I'm currently living overseas for studies and costumes here are expensive (I also don't know anyone in Cali to go to cons and cosplay with me so hfasjfhk)

I've had A LOT of cosplays that I'll write down in a spoiler at the very end, and I bought all of them (either premade or custom) because I have 0 idea about sewing and stuff. I do often make my own weapons and accessories though, like Shinoa's scythe, Hanayo's 7 Goddess staff and Midare's tantou among other smaller trinkets (I've made Osomatsu-san's Chibimi costume though!). Even though I have lots of cosplays, only few I managed to wear out to cons haha, most of them were left unworn before getting resold, or I just wore them at home to test out and take pictures of. I didn't - and still don't - really like the cosplay community back home. It's all good and fun until pictures get posted online and judgement sets in. It's pretty sickening to see strangers (that doesn't even cosplay at that) comment on people's pictures nasty stuff about them like "I guess *character name* overate" "Where's the boobs?" etcetc. Just.. comments a lot on the physicals and sometimes even the clothing quality or material. Though I'm lucky I've never been a victim of that, seeing that THAT was the community I was involved in just cut my desire to cosplay by half.
Another thing is I'm not really fond of getting pics taken, but I've met some photographers who were really... pushy about asking me to let them take pics of me. I'm asian and I was brought up in a kinda conservative home (LOL) where it's kinda impossible to let the photographers come home to pick me up and drive me to the photoshoot location, and driving myself there is also pretty hard to do because we only have 1 car and that's used by my mom who works. Even knowing my circumstances a lot of them just keeps asking again and again and it just becomes.. annoying. That's more me than anything though haha.

There's this one convention that happens annually (..I think. I've never gone because it's far from me) where they always have a photo booth set by the mods of the event that have photographers on standby to take pics of cosplayers. They'll later post the pics to facebook. The comment section there are always... pretty cancerous to look at.

I agree that cosplaying - by itself - is just a TON of fun though! A lot of my friends now I've met from the cosplay community T0T <3 Either online or on RL conventions, it's always nice finding people that share similar interest with me and there's just this instant connection from there~

My cosplays (in no order):

Rin (Himitsu Keisatsu, Meltdown), Luka (Senbonzakura, JBF)

Love Live:
Umi (School uniform (Summer & Winter), Idolized Marine, Idolized Flower Bouquet, Idolized Kimono), Eli (Idolized Animal), Nozomi (Idolized Animal), Hanayo (Idolized Marine, Idolized 7 Lucky Goddess)

Tsuyu, Ochako, Deku + I WANT TODO SO BAD cries

Touken Ranbu:
Midare, Kashuu

Owari no Seraph:
Shinoa, Mika

Osomatsu, Ichimatsu, Chibimi

Keith, Pidge

Kenma, Kiyoko

Hinami (Tokyo Ghoul), Mio (Onmyoji), Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura), Homura (Madoka Magica), Junko (Danganronpa), Yurio (Yuri on Ice), Qiu Tong (Tamen de Gushi), Kagura adult ver. (Gintama)

+ I feel like I'm missing a couple but can't make sure because I deactivated my fb hahaahfaksfk

ps your cosplays are really nice!! <3 Your monika is so damn cute hfjdfh. I was so close to cosplaying Junko from DR but sold the cos to a friend before I got the chance to even try it on haha and the rest's a pipe dream. I've also always wanted to cos persona T0T!!! Right now I really wanna do Jin Ling or Mo Xuanyu from Mo Dao Zu Shi or Hyakkimaru from Dororo (I've gotten pretty interested in crossplays haha).



Customs/self made stuff is definitely great, for sure! Wearing something you made yourself, or something someone else made from scratch gives you such a great feeling honestly. If I can make smaller stuff without buying it too then that saves money too so that's always nice. Just sometimes there's stuff that I know I won't be able to make properly, so buying it from someone else just takes some unnecessary stress out of the equation I feel.


Hopefully your Richter cosplay goes ok! I've been seeing a lot more Castlevania cosplayers recently and it's so exciting!


Ahhh, it's a shame that you had to leave cosplay behind, but I totally understand why. It can be very expensive and it's always better to have someone to go with. I know some costumes and cons here can really eat into my wallet. 

I'm the same with buying stuff most of the time, I have super bad sewing skills (even though I took it as a class at school, oops) and unless it involves paint then I'm basically useless. I'll try to make stuff if I can or have to but most of the time if I can't make it then I have to find a costume or someone to commission. I'm proud of some of the stuff i've made though and if anything I just hope my skills improve more and more.

But yeah, the cosplay communities can be really awful, basically anywhere. There always seems to be some sort of drama going on in the scottish community especially. I tend to stay away from all of it and just stick to my friend groups and such. Much less stressful that way!

I've seen those sorts of toxic comments too and mockery and it's really just disgusting. I really wish there wasn't so much elitism when it comes to cosplaying. We're all just trying to have fun and yeah constructive crit is nice but outright hate for no reason is just so tough to deal with.

All in all though I just try not to let that discourage me since, like you said, cosplaying is just so much fun and i'm so thankful for all of the friends i've made! I owe a lot to cosplaying in general so it's going to be a part of my life forever I think!

I'd really love to see your Tomoyo or MHA cosplays!! Especially Tomoyo, what a blessed character ;;

And thank you so much!! I felt so pretty as Monika and that whole day was just so fun! I can't wait to cosplay her again!! <3


I love cosplaying! I've made a lot of my cosplays actually ^^ Whether they're stitched together from things I find in the stores or actually handmade using fabrics I still found it frustratingly fun to see a costume just come together after a few days. I've bought one cosplay and the custom fees were atrocious so I decided to not ever do that again haha
I haven't cosplayed in a long time though. I'd like to just get all dressed up for the fun of it! I have all these wigs and cosplays lying around and no one is using them so it's just kinda sad to look at them but who said I can't go outside wearing cosplay on a normal day? ^^

Behold, the list of cosplays:

Lucy - Elfenlied  - This was my first ever costume! I remember that I stayed up all night trying to glue horns to a hairband and stapling pieces of foam together haha
Gumi - Vocaloid - This was the bought one with the horrible customs fees
Generic Anime Schoolgirl Complete With Slice of Toast
Hanzo Shimada - Overwatch
The blue haired girl from Me!Me!Me!
Clementine - The Walking Dead

I really like your cosplays too tbh! I especially like your Tsumugi Shirogane cosplay ^^



Yeah, it really is fun to see stuff come together! It's the frustration part that usually does me in personally! Usually the custom fees aren't too much of a bother to me, just so long as I don't buy too many all at once! 

It's been since December since I cosplayed last, when I organised a little christmas Persona meet! Meets can be a good idea if you can find any and there are no conventions going on or you just can't afford to go. Organizing them is super stressful, but it pays off for sure.

That's a super diverse list of cosplays! Hopefully Gumi was at least worth the custom fees lmao. 

And thank you! Tsumugi was one I was really looking forward to doing and I even got to do a photoshoot with my friends! The wig is a little unruly though and it can be such a pest.