LF: long term RP partners

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A bit about me

RP comfort meme-- http://toyhou.se/~bulletins/29242.rp-comfort-meme

Yo I'm panda

What  I'm looking for is Long term RP partners, and by long term I do mean long term As I generally like to go in to Ocs of I think the interaction you lead to development of oc or some kind of relationship. So be ready for that. So please be percific  with what type of RP you what other wise I will go in with intent of  development and completely disregard the Rp once it's over  //generally when the Rp can't be taken any further or one of us dissapers//

Over view of my Oc worlds that can exist in multiple dimensions or universes

Blood rose circus

the blood rose circus and is made up of murders, con airtists, canabulls you name it and Jackie is it's master, the circus has the unique ability to be transported across dimensions as one of its members has ties to quite the powerful god, so it can appear just about anywhere but for no longer then a week.

midnight festival

the midnight festival, in the distant past it was once known as the content of night due to the fact it was all ways night there. It was a glorious kingdom filled with many creatures but grate disaster struck between the princess of the night kingdom and a girl that hailed from unkown lands, destroyed and lost of its people that had fled the content was some how broken from its world, now it travels from universe to universe inviting people to its gates or welcoming them as visitors, it now is truly a festival one traped in the darkness of night,//loosely tied to the blood rose circus // it can't travel to worlds with out magic but some times it's people can get lost in non magical worlds

a forest story

the forest is a mystery place that's seen everywhere, it has no set location and is just a massive forest. It was known to the Norse as the trees of worlds due to its many massive tress and the massive one at its center that seemed to reach on forever but many could not fid it as they where simply lost with in the forest, the plants and life on the woods range from just about everything and any thing but it's master is one to watch for none have really ever seen it's master but they know it's there, but in any case once you enter the woods it's unlikely you'll leave the same

ocs I'd like to rp or develop please pick a oc to Rp with and say what kinda Rp you looking for 

//interaction based (I am looking for actual relationship building rps here ) 

development (Rp type that can be disregarded after the Rp is done unless you wanna take it further) 

ship based ( I literary want to go in with the intent of making a permanent ship, but don't be mad if it doesn't work out as the type of ship your looking for ) //

nameworldrefLooking for
content contentcontentContent
Content ContentContentContent
WispMidnight festivalhttp://toyhou.se/851965.wispDevelopment and interaction
Kesaea forest storyhttps://toyhou.se/1241283.kesaeDevelopment and interaction
TomasA forest storyhttp://toyhou.se/136496.tomasDevelopment and interaction, possible ship//he's pansexul so not picky //


Midnight festival

Midnight festival


Development and interaction

Possibl ship //straight ship// interaction


Ya didn't reply to last comment so ya You want me to PM you instead...


Why I keep losing this

Hey! I would love to Rp with you! I want to Develop this character http://toyhou.se/1057147.francoise so maybe her and Tomas could develop? 


Yeah sounds good, want to Pm me and talk further there

Btw that's the most cuddle worthy oc I have ever seen 

I'm not sure if you'd be interested in this or not, but i recently started a group sci-fi RP on discord!  You can join by clicking here (and you have no obligation to stay, if you don't like the lore/topic feel free to leave ^v^ ): https://discord.gg/yZP2Gkv


I'll think about joining, I'm just not in to using Discord... but I'll definitely keep it in mind


ah, ok then!  thanks for the response tho ^o^

Heyy there I'd be up to rp with you  using Perhaps one of these characters Melsa,  Derbis, Tasmen or possibly someone else within my folders that spark your interest. I'd be most likely to use midnight festival setting

The first two are undeveloped since I only made them a week ago---
If you do take up this offer would you be able to rp on Deviantart through notes?


Definitely gonna take up this offer, your charcters are quite unique.

I'd be down to Rp my oc Celstia maby wisp with latterly any of the Ocs you mentioned they all seem pretty rad //celstia and wisp ain't have information written down but I can provide some if you require any //

And yeah I can RP on my DA my name is the same as on here

Alright I'll send you a not through DA and we can start