LF: Roleplays/Ships/World building

Posted 5 months, 27 days ago (Edited 24 days, 2 hours ago) by Sarubia

Hi. Right now I'm looking for some role plays, world building or even just headconing!
Most of my characters are always opened for friendships as long as they aren't in my Ithica folder or my Magical Kingdom folder.

Also please note, I only pair my characters sexually with other males. 

Single characters
However these are the ones I really wanna play with
Kleitos|| Kye || Hale || Need to name (i really want to develop the last one)

I also have an habit of making new characters all the time, haha.
So if you don't see someone you like in there and still want to rp let me know, I'm more then happy to make a new bby.
Dragons. Give me a reason to make more dragon babies.

I'm pretty easy going and hard to piss off. I talk a lot so please make sure you like to ooc chat before getting a hold of me. I would like someone who is willing to make a long term ship, as  I spend money on my ships. I also really like smut, please do smut with me.
If talking isn't something you like then we won't work well together.
I can do both ooc over Skype or Discord, which a strong preference to skype since its connected to my phone. 

Also, I'm only wanting humanoid characters. No animal characters unless they have a human form. Thanks c:

And last, here is my comfort meme so please take a look at that!

Sarubia - don't lose this





Sarubia Ahh! I want to but I have no character to rp with.. I could make a dragon OC but it'd probably be terrible (I'vebeenwantingtomakeone,-COUGH-WingsofFire-COUGH-))

Haha no worries c:

Alright <3 just tell me what you want to rp and I could probably do it!

Ahhhh I've been looking for some to partners/friends recently. Judging by your comfort meme, I think that we'd work out well together. I would have to use discord since I'm locked out of my Skype account atm. (Little note, most of my characters aren't up on toyhouse yet so if no one interests you, I can pull up my other charas)

 Alice12341 I'm not really craving anything. Best thing would be to start off with is are you wanting a friendship with someone or a relationship with a character. Then which one of my bbys would you like march up.

@Mimoist Hi! I'm not really seeing anyone that catches my eye. Is there someone you are wanting to play? Also, do any of my bbys intrest you? C:


Problem is most of my chars are in a relationship :') 

 Alice12341 then no worries. We don't have too since you don't have any single characters. Thanks for stopping by though c:

 Oh I would like too! Illkay and Rhewi seem really fun. Do you perhaps have a little info about Rhewi? And all my characters are single xD

Alright-- I just feel really bad now :')