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Character Kingdom is a friendly and welcoming discord server for those who love making ideas for their original characters!
 Our channels include  many fun activities where you can socialize and make friends, to making art, roleplaying, watching movies, etc.
Reminder that ALL species are welcomed. No color limits, as well! This is a place for your OCs, regardless of the details.
We also have a channel for advertising! Commissions? Adoptables? Shout-outs? You got it!
Please be respectful to one another and most of all Have fun! <3

We hope to see you!
- Charlie, Nanook, Ranach, Nix 



please introduce yourself when you join our server (in monarchy channel)!
it helps welcome those who are new and place them in our certain roles! but please so say hello in our main channel to let us know you're there (castle)!
it gets confusing and can be kind of sudden when we someone new pop up without a word.
we also would like to call you by whatever you refer to, including pronouns to make sure we're all on the same page ❤

member count - 60+

aa i may want to join?? is that ok??

we have a halloween movie night marathon, going on right now!
that's right! all OCTOBER we will be playing old classics, spooky horrors, and family friendly for those in general.
join today to join us on the adventure!   

Movies - 26
Watched - 9

They will be hosted by our mods/admins. See you there!
more information in declare_zone channel

also reminder that yes, everyone and anyone is free to join, we love seeing new faces ❤
going to start doing announcements in this thread as well! if you have any questions, should you pm me!

  we are now at 50+ members!!  

  happy halloween, everyone!