looking for discord rps

Posted 3 months, 27 days ago (Edited 2 months, 5 days ago) by wion

edit: my a key has been fixed!!!

hello i'd like to rp and make friends,!! i will only use discord as a form of rping, sorry!!! 

about me:

i'm wynter, i'm 20, i use they/them pronouns nd im a lesbian!! currently , my a key is broken so i have to manually copy paste every a . its the worst. i just started drawing this year, and got my first tablet on march 31st! i will draw our characters 100%. also i like to do random gift art, and have a thread for art reqs!! 

things im looking for in an rp partner:

-18+ please!!

-likes to talk n be friends!?

-patient, bc im a bit unresponsive when drawing.. [usually for a block of an hour]

-any length is fine, but i like shorter for now... bc of the a key

-humanoids only pls!!

-uhhh thats it!?

things i like:

-gore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! serial killer aus

-dangan ronpa , bungou stray dogs, and fire emblem worlds

- vamps n werewolves (im so gay for wolf girls)

-i like.. no angst or light angst bc im soft, but im willing 2 do angst

-MERMaIDS YES i love mermaids, id die for them

-slice of life or domestic stuff

-shippy stuff...

-i like basically every au!!?!!?

characters id like to use:

i dont have to use these characters but they're the ones id like to play the most


1. yahiro amane . local menace and posterboy for wyn ocs. he's a serial killer in most aus but doesnt have to be. he's gay. his age ranges from 18-28 depending on the au

2. upton "sinclair" (his names not upton sinclair but i call him sinclair] ok he was a bsd oc but now hes not. he's interested in politics/journalism and parapsychology. his age ranges from 20-36. he's gay and trans and sometimes has a daughter [novala]

wow look at my art .. very diff styles, keheh

anyway i have a lot of ocs not on toyhouse too!! im lazy and their profiles say nothing too, oh well

uh if you're interested.... hmu!?

Hnggg Hi~

I, and a few others have a roleplay group on discord! It's fantasy, like with dragons and castles, along with a few other timelines involved~

Hello yes, someone who's almost always on Discord is here! I'm not 18 yet, but if you're willing to interact I 100% always am. I'm also a giant-ass fan of gore AND DIDDLY RUMPUS! I saw you like mermaids too and hoo boy, if that's the case I want you to meet my mermaid child Sushi. His profile isn't done but I can 100% say he is the most precious and innocent thing in the Bonfire universe and would TOTALLY fit into a more fluffy/shippy RP super well. If you want something more murdery, welll... there's quite a few of them. Although like 99% of my OCs ARE a part of the Bonfire universe... AUs exist for a reason! Not to mention, since there are already canon AUs that interact with the main uni... charas could totally just straight-up go in between them.

PM me for my Discord if you're interested!

Hi, I'm Chase!! I'm 21, genderqueer, and spend most of my time drawing and playing video games. 

It's been a while since I've actually RPed, so I'm a little rusty... but we both seem to want patient people so I think it'd be ok. I'm flexible with style. Script, paragraph... heck I spend a lot more time in calls character jamming and talking about world building than actual rping. =v='' I'm new to the site, so not all my OCs are up but I'm also willing to try to make new OCs to fit a world or character dynamic. 

Auhhh some things that I like story wise?? Fantasy, especially modern fantasy, but any kind is cool. High school AUs. College AUs. Domestic things. Friends to lovers. I don't know how good I'd be at it but willing to try scifi? 

Anyways, if you're interested, send me a message and I'll give you my discord. Either way, good luck finding an RP buddy!!