LF Lineheart Relations (Lover, Friends etc.)

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Hello ^^
I have quite a few LH now and some of them are still lonely and mostly all seeking friends or enemies ;;

For a quick overview of them, go here: http://toyhou.se/xXSkillcyXx/characters/folder:230498 

  • Linehearts: 28
  • Looking for ships: A few otl, just after headcanon~
  • Looking for friends: everyone exept Viktor
  • Looking for Family: Viktor (no parents, but half-siblings, aunts, cousins etc.)
  • Looking for enemies: Viktor (people who want to kill him), all other just normal school enemies and such

If you want to offer a lover, you should:

  • have a male Lineheart
  • no clashing color palettes
  • Preferably a plattform to write and talk (Skype, Whatsapp, Discord, Line and Instagram are fine)
  • Be active and draw the ship actually or buy coms etc, I will do as well!
  • Should be okay with the fact that most of my LH are kids from two males. It's a fact and I will not change it because you are unconfortable with that. Our ship dosn't have to get kids but you have to accept that mom and dad of my LH are males. Biological! Not adopted and such exept mentioned otherwise.
  • I love RP but we don't have to make one

For anything else, you are free to offer any LH ^^Just ships are highly important to me cause it's one of the things I connect myself to my babes as well so I might be a lil bit iffy with choosing but feel free to offer anyways >////< Just drop your characters below! I prefer other Linehearts as relation but feel free to offer other just no demons, angels, monster, furry or anthros please ;; And no females TwT

Thank you for Looking!

If youre interesed in relations between my LH, here:


amazing shipping chart

Thanks Aki XD <3


leo needs friends to, i wonder with ones would work well. as this guy is animal lover.

Well your story is different from this in my LH universe with magical potions etc. Otherwise I would suggest Nathaniel cause he is a huge cat dork XD  Akarichi-Dono

perfect, cat dork buddies XD cats all the way

Just look at his profile XD Akarichi-Dono

perfect *o* *bows to the cat lord* i will call him nate or as nickname to annyo . Natalie XD  

Hello~ I think that http://toyhou.se/550234.pierce and Kaleb may work well as lovers! There isn't any information about Kaleb on his profile, but if he works in a cafe or coffee shop, like his reference implies, then maybe the sweets shop that Pierce's family owns could provide some of the sweets that get sold at where Kaleb works, and so they meet when Pierce delivers them?

I have all of the platforms you listed, but Skype is my preference~

ninjashield5 OMG I would love to ship them ;; This would be so cute since Kaleb is very shy in front of strangers. He works at his Parents caf#e but they selling sweets as well so it would fit perfectly!

Skype is fine for me ^^ Thought I prefer Whatsapp cause I can't use Skype on my phone (too old iPhone IOS //cries ) but atm I'm more on my laptop so it should be fine anyways. If you want I'll note you my skype name so you could add me ^^

I prefer not to use WhatsApp since it shows phone numbers ;o; Yeah, please do PM me your skype name!

Need to update this but toooo lazy TwT

Still seeking~