[OPEN] One on One Role Plays!

Posted 8 months, 18 days ago (Edited 8 months, 7 days ago) by  Comfort Meme TheStrayCat

I just wanna role play so I'm gonna try to keep this simple ;w;

>I am over 18

>I can ONLY do role plays through private messages or a world made just for us

>I am in school 2/3 days a week and am less likely to be able to reply on the weekends but will still try to!!

I want you to choose which character of mine you would like, or offer one of yours and I can choose someone I think would fit!

I am a literate writer, I was considered an elite from the main place I role played for four years, and would prefer 2-5 paragraphs, more depending on situation, but please not less. You don't have to match my length but I just don't want single paragraph responses!

I'm unfamiliar with a lot of fandom world's so I'd rather not use those, Pokemon is the only one I've role played in a lot and would prefer not to do it there again.

I REALLY want to bond with and develop my existing OCs, so these don't have to be romantic! They can be, but understand I will be more picky with potential partners depending on the character!

I'm cool with head canons, plotting, fan art, et cetra of our characters, but I'm cool with not doing it too! I want some plot to at least go off of, but it doesn't have to be too extreme. Just be aware that the less plot, the shorter the role play will likely be.

I am good with feral, anthro, human, historical, magic, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, et cetra, just please help me develop the world and plot! I LOVE nailing out rules and ideas before starting so I know where the limits are! 

I!! Love!! Realism!! The characters can be magical or sci-fi but I'm still gonna logic the s h i t out of everything. I love doing that.

Please look note many of my characters have human forms but no ref of them yet, so just ask about the character. Also know many are intertwined so involving one character might force another to join.

Just write with me, yo! I miss it!

Edit Forgot to mention I have established world's for both my anthro characters and my shifters/humans/magical creatures and can share the details if asked. Otherwise we can build a new world for the RP!

Added my comfort meme too! 


Im curious if any of my characters give you any ideas for an RP?

 Comfort Meme TheStrayCat

Grassstrand Yeah, sure! I'll PM you when I have the time!

I just finished my own comfort meme as well, feel free to check it out or PM me first if you get an idea! 


I'm interested! I need to get back into roleplaying and this seems fun! :3c Do you require a comfort meme?


weebie I don't require one, nah, but I'd love to know more about you, your writing style, what kind of characters you use, et cetra. Feel free to PM me and we can go from there :)