Warriors- Red Rivers // A Discord Roleplay!

Posted 8 months, 24 days ago by tinsxl

What's your favorite clan?

1 Votes ThunderClan
0 Votes ShadowClan
4 Votes WindClan
5 Votes RiverClan
1 Votes SkyClan
0 Votes BloodClan

There are three clans, all living in harmony- sorta. 

There used to be two clans, ThicketClan and CovertClan, but one day that changed. A group of ThicketClan banded together and made their own clan, which goes by the name of ChasmClan. They did this because they thought ThicketClan was being too strict on them. CovertClan happily helped ChasmClan get more territory, but ThicketClan is furious by what is happening. Due to this, ThicketClan gets into a lot of arguments with the other two clans, refusing to allow ChasmClan be considered part of their group of clans. Nonetheless, ChasmClan still is treated almost exactly like a normal clan, going to all the gatherings and such. They even got the name of the gatheringplace changed from "Two-stones" to "Three-stones", which CovertClan pointed out there was a third stone, they just didn't acknowlege it. ThicketClan's little tolerance is getting even lesser, and they're about to snap. What will happen when they do?

This server is REALLY new and welcoming! Come roleplay with us!

((we don't bite!!))


Hey there! I would like to join the RP it looks pretty fun! but you see I'm pretty new with ToyHouse. I don't really know how to do some stuff here but I do know how to roleplay uwu I already have a warriors OC due to the fact I literally only know how to write here I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know if writing this is the right way to enter the RP lmao. So may I join please??


You don't need to ask to join, just go ahead! ^^