O: ocs/art/myo LF: art/ocs/$/myo [updated 1/15]

Posted 2 years, 18 days ago (Edited 23 days, 22 hours ago) by silverheart-nine

Yep, title pretty much says it! Casually trading ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ If this thread is still up, it's still open! I update periodically.


🠞 these are definitely up for trade
🠞 these are harder to get/tentative
🠞 (will trade a few Sanctilae slots!)
🠞 i'll take trades for some of these adopts too
🠞 you might be able to get some art or a custom instead~

(( Not trading anything in "1" or "2," folders, and unlikely to trade my dainty slots ))


👀 Specifically want: 

  • An overly-energetic catboy character (brown/gray/tabby?)
  • Interesting merfolk/fish-featured critters/anthros/hybrids/water dragons
  • a few non-caucasian human/oids for some design ideas i've got floating around 
  • doreion slot
  • marling slot
  • birdfolk slot
  • perhaps a couple dainty stocking custom designs (not seeking slots, i have those)
  • weirdly enough, idly looking to trade for an original xbox console (working condition) if anyone happens to have one collecting dust... art/dainty slot/ocs and/or $ combination trade is possible for that.
  • art of Greybird specifically (a bit picky, sorry)
  • art of my other characters (a bit less picky •◡•)

Art, $, kemonomimis, interesting CS, weird doodles, avian hybrids, alien/ghost theme, merfolk/hybrids, white hair, strange eyes-- a lot of random stuff really! feel free to link folders-fulls of things.

Dollmaker, feral cats/dogs, ponies, angels/demons, rainbow palette, ocs i can't redesign/change, restrictive ToS


Hello!! I'm in super love with this absolute bean!

Does anyone here or the unsorted folder here interest you by chance? I'd def be down to do multiples too!


Haunted-Sushi oomori
thanks for offering,, i don't see any i think i've got any ideas for though sorry! ;w;


Hi! I really like these babes:

Nova (free to good home) on Toyhouse

raccoon boi on Toyhouse

Quinni on Toyhouse

I can offer

Any OC From Here: ShotByAFool on Toyhouse

And possibly someone from from these: (S-A Tier I am very tent on!)

Furry Ocs: BabieofDaYear on Toyhouse

Humanoid Ocs: BabieofDaYear on Toyhouse

Closed Species: BabieofDaYear on Toyhouse (any w/o a price is off limits and I can make Phybia Customs)

And if you'd prefer art here are my examples:

Angelina Davila (artstation.com)

Please lmk if anyone or my art interest you!


BabieofDaYear I like this lil dude ^^ Trade ya raccoon dude for him + maybe a couple of sketches? Your sketch pages are cute!

You're welcome to adopt Nova, I haven't found a good spot for her ;w;


Ah Tysm! Im not sure I’d be able to add on sketch pages for just raccoon since my digital/colored ones are worth $20 on their own qwq (they come with 4 colored sketches!) I’d be willing to do one for Quinni tho! And trade Parker for raccoon!


BabieofDaYear oh i didn't mean a whole sketchpage,, i was thinking more like one or two uncolored ones ^^;

but that swap sounds good too!


alrighty! And hope I’m not pushing but What would you be interested in for Quinni? I love her design!
also sent over Parker!


BabieofDaYear ah sorry, wasn't trying to confuse you haha

I meant sure, sheepy for raccoon and sketchpage for Quinni sounds good ^^ You can pick any character here to draw if you like :3


:0 could I draw this dude?

I live for alien kiddos!


BabieofDaYear hecc ye go for it ^^ i'm always hoarding more sona art~


Awesome! Sorry for the wait I fell asleep lol

I've added you to my ❤ ART ❤ QUEUE ❤!

It should be done by Monday!


I've got these up for offer if any interest you:


I would probably be looking more for art if so. Thanks for reading ^.=.^