T> Lacie LF: Designs / Art [Edited 2]

Posted 2 months, 27 days ago (Edited 2 months, 5 days ago) by Meiji

Hello! I have my child here up for trade! 


Designers I like: 





Srinitybeast / Goldenessence



Feminine Designs

[No males please aaa...] 

Feel free to either PM or comment! 

winter-edition aaah they're very cute but not exactly what I'm looking for, thank you! 

Ahh, I could offer art for her ! ;u;

Here is an example of what I can offer https://seraphy-chan.deviantart.com/art/AT-Antay6009-700667436

Seraphy-chan Oh my god you're art is very cute! I think I'll have to pass though! I did watch you waaah~

Ahh thank you <33

Hmm...maybe any of these designs interests you?



+ my art (as an add on maybe? xD )

Seraphy-chan sorry but no one is catching my eye! 

Its ok ! ^u^

Does anyone here interest you?
//or perhaps my trash icons?


aah sorry no one catches my eye, and your art is great but I'll have to pass!

Fluffypuffylu ah sorry no ones catching my interest! 

Ahh she's so cute! I'll give you a bump ^^

@MoonFox aaa thank you! <3;

@MoonFox aaa thank you! <3;

Aww man! I'd love to try for this girl (I had been seeing this girl around before)

I'm not sure if I have anything you'd like but you can take a look on my main TH page, and you can also check my trade account here: http://toyhou.se/mamutrades

(I'm actually seeing if I could help with getting the adopt, it's just in a weird time since I don't get paid til two days later >.<)