Offering art for characters. :3 (+art trades)

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago (Edited 1 year, 9 months ago) by Nirith

Hey there! 

I'm offering art in this style for characters. 

Full bodies of this kind of commission normally costs $20 per full body, $7 per head shot sticker, but I'll always round up when offering on your characters! 

Art trades are also on the table!


And even more examples of finished pieces!


Here is what I'm looking for in general, for designs.

Yes please!

  • HQ characters *
  • Feral dragons
  • Elves
  • Angels
  • Feminine males
  • Japanese designs
  • Arabian designs *
  • Modern Humans*
  • Medieval
  • Victorian
  • Fantasy/D&D
  • Most mythical creatures (Vampires, mermaids, harpies, fairies, werewolves, demons, sphinx)

Designers I love!

  • TerraTerrific *
  • Quacknear *
  • Cindyjeans
  • R0HI0
  • Pixel-Latte
  • Smooshkin
  • Zone
  • AS-Adoptables

No thanks.

  • Closed species (I won't buy any closed species, unless they can be converted into non-species)
  • Open species (Same as above)
  • Dollmaker
  • Low quality characters

I'm also more than happy to go through large ufs folders, so send them my way! Thanks for looking!



I have these guys UFS here if you're interested

You're also able to look around out of the folder if you'd like since I'm still reorganizing them.

Thank you so much for your time ^^



I didn't see anyone I could particularly use right now, though I might be interested in an art trade if you do those. ^_^


That's alright, thank you for looking ^^

 And sure thing, I absolutely love doing art trades!


What would you like, and what would you offer? ^_^



I forgot to tag you... so I'm doing that now.


anyone of my ocs?


Could I possibly get art of any of the characters here? It could be a bust, halfbody, or fullbody, whichever you're most comfortable with is fine by me. ^^

I could offer anything you'd like, as long as it's nothing too big since i got an injury recently and iv'e been trying to take it easy. 



Of everyone you have, I'd be most interested in


Are you interested in trading either for art? C:



How does bust for bust sound? Just something small for both of us. ^_^

You can choose anyone from here

I'm fine with drawing any of your kiddos! So you can choose. ^_^


Yeah! that sounds good! ^^


Sorry, but I'll pass.


These are very cute!

They're varying stage of tentativeness, but would you potentially have interest in any of these?



Okay, finally looked through them all. I'm pretty sure I picked all ones you wouldn't trade for art, because that's what happens whenever I'm given a lot of characters to look through... :'P

Okay. Here are the first ones that stand out to me, and how interested I am in them. (A lot lot) (A lot lot) (A little) (A lot) (A lot lot) (A lot) (A lot lot) (A little)

I'm also interested in absolutely any kiddos with Terra art.


Heheh, a lot of those are more tentative ones, yeah! xD

That said, I would definitely be up for trading Byrn for art, could consider it for Kru. The one labeled [tbd] was actually a freebie so I can only gift them, but I'd be happy to toss them in along with another trade!


I would absolutely love to get all three of those, if you are willing! Kru was actually one of the main ones I wanted, so I'd love to get her. But, I'll go for any of them that you'll offer. Do you know what art you'd want for Kru and Byrn, if you did want to? Also, I do have some possible trades here if any interest you for any of the others. Or if any of those are possibly up for resale, I'd love to know.