Taking Offers on All (pop cs/cs/non-cs/)

Posted 8 months, 14 days ago (Edited 1 month, 14 days ago) by Akasira

this is a remake of my old thread of the same name, since it has been up for a long time i thought i should make a new one with some updates. 

keep in mind, there is a lot here. 

But i'm open to all offers. On everything (mostly).

this thread is probably a permanent thing, so you're free to come back as much as you like!

All Characters


Highlights include and more;

- official/myo/crossbreed dainties

- official sphaerra(s), blakyre

- myo czylphs, myo dreamies, official dreamy

- official/myo fmn

- official merlodies

- blucs

- R0HI0 designs, non-cs and cs

- enigmatic-insomniac designs

- madcarnival design


Looking For:

- money/art (please see notes for who i am NOT accepting this for. i am very picky with trading for art/money !)

HQ humanoid characters (mostly)!

- HQ feral/anthro characters (less likely to accept for humanoid unless a cs/by a designer on my wish list)

- CS swaps!

- other cs!

- priority: dainty/mignyan (rare) myo slots! (1 of each)

- r0hi0 designs (i thirst)

i do have a "wishlist" here!



- anyone with the shipped or nft tag will be much harder to get off of me

- my coding does not show tags, so make sure to go to unsorted and toggle tags!

-  I will not accept art or money alone or together for my dainties, gleamstic, jotaku species, or umbral-wind species.

 - Please don’t offer to buy them or art. i'll ignore you.

- do NOT offer on anyone who is in my gifted tag (make sure you toggle tags), I won't trade them

- pms are fine! do not harass me about accepting a trade, though. ;;


I'm super interested in this bab! https://toyhou.se/2830619.sorrow

Does anyone here interest you? https://toyhou.se/Jeroochi/characters/folder:426943

Or here (except Arche and Jobi) https://toyhou.se/Jeroochi/characters/folder:426942



I didn’t see anything, sorry!


That's a-okay, thanks for looking!


Hey there, hope I'm not about to break all your rules again, haha... I noticed that you stopped by and faved my new BluC girl. Were you interested in her, or just passing by?



I do like her. But I’m not looking to trade a dainty for her as I saw that’s what you’re looking for by your thread, sorry!


hi aka!! sorry if youre only looking for swaps for ur dainties, i didnt see it specified as the only option so figured id offer! <3

i was wondering if this prince-no interested you? https://toyhou.se/2791759.jodie im interested in medea!



hey chu!! i am open to other things and while she's cute i wouldn't trade medea for her ;v; but thanks for the offer again!


no problem!! thank u! <3



hey there! I do get pings whether or not people post on my thread, even if they get deleted or not. Was there something you were wondering about?



i will look at other things on my wishlist, but i am very picky!



Thank you for the offer but I will have to pass!


Offering on https://toyhou.se/1334642.aisha/gallery#4870699 again// asgweurirkdlsh (sorry for bothering again gahh)

Would you trade for https://toyhou.se/666456.vincen-golder#2406276 ?