Gift A MQ/HQ Design (choose 1 trait edition)

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago (Edited 1 month, 9 days ago) by VoddyArt

This thread is for if you're looking for something as simple as a concept! EX: Ghost, lamia, furry, feral, elf, ext..

Alternate Threads: Gift a Character (the Stricter version) | Gift an OC to the Person Above You: Furry Edition!

This one is a little stricter than the random one:  Gift a Character to the Person above you (RANDOM) although its  A LITTLE stricter, not strict enough for forms and all that!

Gift a Character?
Gifting a character just means to give a character to someone for free. Whether its a character you can't connect with or just can't get rid of, all are accepted here!

BinxDiAngelo and LintWolf are the mods! Message me or them if you have any issues or questions!

Want to be a mod?? Are you active on th?

Message me !


⛧This thread is for MQ(med. quality) and HQ (High quality) Designs only

-whats mq-hq? medium-High quality means you can clearly see the image, characteristics,and lineart. It also means anatomy is accurate and the piece is finished and colored, and looks liek it took time to do. Traditional art must be photographed with a clear resolution.

examples as such: x x x x x

examples of LQ (NOT ALLOWED): x x x x

⛧Having a hq image isnt enough- it needs to be fullbody! It can be a hq chibi.

⛧If you get a character that you don't feel is HQ, politely message and ask for a different one before accepting. If they escalate, message us.

⛧If you don't like the character you receive, put it back into the thread or drop it in The Freebie Bin!

⛧please link the character you are sending in your post.

⛧simply state 1 or more characteristics you'd want the OC to have, it can be anything as small as a color, or as big as a species. (please dont ask for a Closed species)

⛧ no small base adoptables such as lil fluffies 

⛧you only have to send one characteristic, you dont have to do all thats listed.

⛧You have a 2 day time limit to send a character over. If you do not, you may be black-listed until the character has been sent.

⛧Do not send a character that you just made on a generator. If they are made from a generator, they are required to have at least one extra art piece.


⛧please dont post "send me anything!" Please go to the random gifting thread for that.

⛧You may only post every 3 HOURS OR IF 4 PEOPLE HAVE POSTED -whichever comes first. If I see someone constantly posting ill give you a warning and so on.



Once again, please mention whether you accept NSFW or GORE characters! (Do NOT mention your preference on anything else unless necessary!)

What it should look like:

person : I would like any of the following characteristics please! (blue hair, furry, witch, pastel colors!)

What it should not look like!

Person: I need an oc that has blue hair, is a furry, a witch AND pastel colors. Dont send me one thats not one of those it has to be all of these characteristics!  (<--bad)


Lillygreeneyes: wouldnt send pic then when did, sent an uncolored headshot. Ignore posts from them

MereelFox: failed to send character. Ignore posts from them


Im first btw :3

Id like a harpie, or any fantasy character

but no furries or ferals please! 


this looks fun! owo 

here's a freeb for ya! <3 (but not quite sure if vampires count as fantasy? omo)

I'd like a humanoid male charrie ^^ 


Sending! :D

I would love a feral/anthro character, or any bird characters!



id like any anthro characters. i accept gore and nsfw


Sent! ^^

I generally like cool/detailed feral(canine/feline) and sometimes humanoid. :D Anything with feathery wings is cool, or antlers~

I love Gore and am pretty ok with NSFW~



id love anything fantasy. 

NO furry or feral. 

i love gore and nsfw!!



Any bird/feathered characters would be awesome!



I'd like a male humanoid again :3c


(bump-ignore please)


~ sent!

i'd love a realistic humanoid character (no nsfw please!)


Claim ouo

I generally like cool/detailed feral(canine/feline) and sometimes humanoid. :D Anything with feathery wings is cool, or antlers~

I love Gore and am pretty ok with NSFW~



I'd like a pokemon, a humanoid demon, or a human angel.



I'd like a male humanoid! ^^