[OPEN] Art Trades of Humanoids/Felines/Canines

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by TopazTalon

Hello all! My friend just told me about this forum option and I'd love to do some art trades with anyone that is interested! Please note that I normally take at least a week to finish my half of the trade! I can be a bit slow depending on level of motivation, but I always do my best to finish it within 3 weeks.


- No NSFW, please. I'm just looking for the basic drawings of my characters.

- Please don't back out once we've sorted out the trade, or I'll have to put you on my personal blacklist and I won't be trading with you again.

- Keep me updated! I'll always keep you updated and let you know where I am every few days.

- Fill out the thing below and comment

Here's my art style for Humanoids:


Here's my art style for Felines/Canines:


Please fill the out if you want to do an art trade with me!

Character you want me to draw: Link here

Type of drawing: Fullbody/halfbody/headshot (ask for what you're giving back)

Background: Transparent/simple/detailed (ask for what you're giving back)

Anything else: Certain clothing? Poses? Expression?


Character you want me to draw: https://toyhou.se/2189347.grapes#7664098

Type of drawing: Headshot please

Background: Transparent

Anything else: not really, it’s face is just flat/no face



Could you give me an example of your own artwork, please! :)



Ao Mura

Sorry for the wait there, hope this is okay! I posted it to my DA, I can send you the version without the DA watermark if you want?