How much does TH need this?

3 Votes SO MUCH!
3 Votes TOO MUCH!!!! Overdue! Bring it on!
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So all along I've wanted better public searching of people's characters for adoption purposes. But now that I discovered this website (it's almost tempting me away from TH entirely because of this feature: SEE HERE: RoleplayersGuild Search) I am REALLY wanting it for finding an RP partner!

You can search for the character's:

  •  orientation
  • gender
  • NSFW level
  • Post length
  • literacy level (although I hate that metric)
  • Fanfic or Original
  • Contact preferences
  • and sort it all by newest/oldest or whether their owner is online! 

    LIKE OMFG GAIS?!?! THIS FEATURE IS EPIC. I am SWOONING! And I've already started two RPS with people I found this way. *runs around screaming so happily*

I guess the main issue with having specific searching for characters of a specific orientation or w/e is that Toyhouse literally does not have any mandatory informational fields about your character (other than creator/designer and name). TH doesn't require you to put orientation or gender on a character's profile, they leave the entire profile of your character up to you. If you want to put the orientation on the character, it's your choice.

So the issue would become that to have a search feature like this work, TH needs to put mandatory information sections in all characters. People could ofc leave them blank, but then what's the point? You can search by tag and keywords in character descriptions already (the search feature at the bottom of the page). While not great for seeking RPs, Toyhouse isn't really a site geared towards that. A tweaking of the RP forums could be helpful but I don't think it'd be a good idea to enforce these parameters on all characters just so that an RP search works. The best thing TH can do is to just let you search certain terms and tags.... which it already does. Not everyone uses the "basic fields" function. Not everyone uses tags, or folders. TH is unique in that it lets you set up your account and characters literally any way you please, which I think is a huge draw to the site - you make everything about them your own and there's no parameters that already exist that you are obligated to fill out. You choose.

On top of that, not everyone on Toyhouse is seeking RP. So they could fill in the information about gender and sexuality and whatnot, but then be annoyed by the influx of people asking to RP. People already use the Worlds subforum to seek RP and while it's a bit inefficient, I think an overhaul of the system would be more helpful than this. And even then, you could honestly just manage it yourself. A good chunk of TH is self-moderated and self-sustaining. Nothing is stopping you from making a masterthread where people can fill out these parameters (orientation, gender, etc) and then seek RP partners that way. 

EDIT: also I'm already mildly annoyed that people can see when I last logged in; I definitely do not want people to be able to see if I'm "online" or not. There's a reason I'm always invisible on Discord.

To add... I honestly already feel we pretty much have this feature just in a different set up? Set aside the currently online status under the character and sorting from newest to oldest... Since you can search by multiple tags (it kinda sounds redundant and if anything 'restrictive' since we do have more freedom with custom fields/tags.) but.. it is up to the users to properly tag -- but only if they wish to do so etc. Which is less structured than having set fields, but I think that works well for a site that is flexible kinda leaves it up to the user to use it how they see fit whether its for keeping story ideas/ adopting/ rping/ etc...

Agreed with a masterthread idea.. making a thread (potentially request for sticked?) in worlds for RPers in worlds about potentially getting together in properly tagging your RP characters as "Seeking RP" or "Roleplay" to be easier...+ since there are custom fields, apart from the ones the site offers things like feral/furry/human can be added into the mix along with those you've listed from the site. I do think enough RPers go into worlds forum for it to catch on?

But.. an RP forum distinct from the worlds forum would be very nice for those who are looking for worlds to join vs those who want an rp.

I do think RPguild would probs be the pick if your focus was specifically RP though.