Suggestion: Original Creator can see their designs

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago (Edited 4 months, 29 days ago) by Princess-TF-ofAzurel

I have a habit of stalking my old designs to see where the ended up, just out of pure curiosity, but I noticed that sometimes the person they end up with puts them on private, and the design disappears from my design list completely. I noticed this when I kept old transfers in my notifications. It's fine if people want to keep their designs private, but I feel like the original creator should be able to see where they went at least? Even if it just takes you to the "ownership" tab. 

Maybe I'm the only one who wants this? I like checking to see if my design eventually found a loving home, especially when they get art. It makes me proud and feel warm inside. 


Edit 1/17: I honestly mean no ill will with this suggestion, and I completely understand the argument against it, I won't argue. I think at very least it should still show up in the creator's design box, or perhaps an option on part of the design holder to give permission to the designer to see where, but not necessarily everything?

There's still flaws to this idea. I fully respect every down-vote 


I'd like it too +1

It's always nice to see your design being used


+ 1 PLEASE. I don't care if I can't see the character page and just the ownership tab but I think if you're the creator of a design you should always be able to see at least SOME part of it. The Ownership tab seems like a perfect medium since it allows the creator the ability to edit permissions as needed, without seeing the character itself.


+1 // noting that I've had designs be sold against my T.O.S so I would like to be able to access the ownership/transfer log in order to keep track of sales. The actual profile isn't necessary for me to see.


1+ Same goes for art !
[*EDIT] I think i agree with others people's comments about the reason of character being hidden. So I think I will go for a neutral ^^'


+1 heck yeah!


[-1 ] I disagree with this whole-heartedly. 

What if,, someone has a character hidden For A Reason? This just,, crosses boundaries, and enables stalking. What if you're hiding from ex friends? abusers?

Like I get it!!! You want to see how a design you've made is doing !! But please also think about respecting others boundries who wish to have their characters- and name, hidden for good reason. 

A compromise would be a special view that "hey this character still has a th" but does not show the owners name, or the characters name. But like..Then that's still kinda' iffy. I don't think this is a good idea, and honestly it feels like an invasion of privacy. 



I unfortunately hav eto join the -1 Gang here. I can agree that the character design should at least appear in your designs tab at least, that way you can know that you had created it and it's just privated, but any more than that is an invasion of privacy and personally, as someone who doesn't even reveal the state I live in except to one person who it became relevant to, I don't like the idea of my privacy being destructible by people like GlitteringSkys, the OC (original CREATOR) of Hana, i.e. people I don't even know and I only took the design off their hands.

Granted, in the Internet age, there is really not very much of a thing as privacy, but even the semblance of it is nice.

Yeah, I have to -1 this. SOrry.


-1 as well for the reasons everyone else has above.



My characters are private for a reason. This would be a complete invasion of my privacy.
I'd leave the site if this were ever implemented.


Neutral vote because this could be implemented in a way I think would be fair.

+1 if the design's icon and name would be listed, but clicking it would lead to a page saying that this character is private / does not exist, whatever the error message is there.

Otherwise, agreeing with others that it's too much to be able to spy on hidden designs when it's hidden for possibly a good reason.