[suggestion] email notifications

Posted 5 months, 6 days ago (Edited 4 months, 17 days ago) by wingedseahorse

I would like this feature

22 Votes Yes! +1
0 Votes mayhaps / it needs some changes (comment pls!)
6 Votes no. bad.

I'd like customisable email roundups. I'm not in the habit of checking toyhouse daily but I still don't want to miss out on PMs and replies. It would be great if we could get an option for notifications to be bundled in an email like they are in many other forums.

Options would include, how regularly do you want the email (instant, daily, weekly) and what notifications should be included in it (PMs, replys, faves, uploads etc)


While I wouldn't use this directly (I check my mail far less often than TH gftyckg) this could be a good measure to help less active members keep up! Granted it's automatically opt-out and you have to specifically opt in ;v;


+1 I would love email notifications for there being PMs in my inbox. I almost never check this place orz


+1, many people rarely use the site and this would help keep them in the know. Being able to turn it off would also be nice for the people who (like me) are very active here.


1+ I get notification when I get an new email, and I would love to be able to get notification from TH each time so I don't have to constantly check my inbox (which i do even with notification, but whatever xD)

But maybe making it like an option you can choose when joining ?
Like a checkbox with something like "do you want to get email notification (for comments, PMs, news ect...)"
so people dont get unwanted emails and are aware of it!

Option you could, of course, change later on your settings !


+1 I have email notifs on for my other social media, and it helps to get emails, especially if you can opt out anytime and opt back in if you wish.