if you are closing your account.

I made a character for a friend, and they closed their account recently due to personal reasons. They didn't transfer the character back to me beforehand, so now the character and their art is lost unless staff can do something.

My idea is for the ability to send characters back to their creators. This might not even need to be programmed in, since closing accounts is manual, staff could just remind people to transfer any characters they don't want back to their creators, before confirming closing their accounts.

If account closing by yourself is programmed in, this could be either a screen that reminds you to go back and transfer any characters you want to save, or a menu to select which adopted characters to send back to their creators.


in fairness, closing a toyhouse account doesn't mean you're giving up your ocs, and it doesn't necessarily mean you'd be sending them back to the original creators (i know i'd send my ocs to my partner, not the creators). 

but i don't think it'd be bad to have a general reminder to "clean up" your ocs by sending off any if you wish when you select "account closure" in the ticket (since text can pop up in the editor!).


How do you know that the person isn’t gonna just keep using the character off site though?

I guess if they’ve made the conscious decision to send it back but they’re under no obligation to do so.


Ehhh not really in favor of this idea. If I ever close down my Toyhouse account it won't be because I'm deleting all my characters but moving them somewhere else. If I've ended up with a design I've paid or traded for it (or was maybe even gifted) then they're... mine? Not the original creators unless there's some weird rule in the ToS and if that's the case I'm not likely to buy from someone who can just repossess my character if I decide to shut down my Toyhouse account?

Like, I get what you're trying to say/prevent but in the end closing a Toyhouse account doesn't mean they're not going to be keeping their characters, and even if it does they're not required to send them back to the creator when they can just as easily gift them to other people/friends. Heck, as much as I hate it even deleting a character and letting them vanish into a void is a legitimate way to use a design so...