I occasionally browse the ‘for sale/trade’ section looking for new characters, and I’ve noticed a bug with the filter-by-monetary-value feature. When a minimum and/or maximum monetary worth is entered, the search results completely disregard it.

For example, when searching for characters with a max value of $5, characters that have been marked as $10, $30, $50, or even $300 appear in the results. When I say marked, I don’t mean “this character is worth $20” written in the profile, I mean the monetary value entered when the trade listing was created.

Has anyone else noticed this bug, or is it just affecting me?



I went to check this and it definitely is not capping at $5. Is it because there's no dollar sign or something?
Edit; The answer is no, the exact same characters popped up when I added a dollar sign...


I’ve tested a lot of things - adding dollar signs, removing dollar signs, adding decimal points, etc. but nothing works!


It's been like this since the introduction of the feature, unfortunately. From the start on, the filters didn't work :c


i wish this would be fixed because its extremely frustrating :/ i use the search feature a lot when i look for new designs too