Organise Links

Posted 1 year, 27 days ago by DreamersArcadia

I really like the link's section, it being great for linking pairings, friends and family members etc. But what bugs me is that it's always in old > new order.

I'd love it if we could change it to alphabetical or even a manual order, so that you could have characters links be in the order of their strongest relationships to even mere acquaintances.





+1 PLEASE ... I just discovered this function and it's one of the niftiest things since sliced bread, but it's kinda inconvenient (and confusing. I'm easily confused and forgetful enough as it is) to have to think about the strength of character relationships in descending order. We can reorder so many other things on the site, please let us reorder character links too!


this is an old post but +1 PLEASE.

this would be so convenient.


+1 ! As long as theres an option where we could manually move the links to the position we want!


+1 cause I love the links feature I just really need that manual order :')