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Posted 2 years, 7 months ago (Edited 5 months, 13 days ago) by Hukiolukio

✦ Info

  • ● Each profile has two versions: one matches the toyhou.se theme and the other has customizable colors. The custom color version can be found in the tabs section of the profile.
  • ● All of the profiles are mobile-friendly from my knowledge.
  • ● I may update and fix the codes periodically. All changes will be noted in the change log below.
  • ● You are allowed to edit the profiles however you'd like, all I ask for is credit. It is fine to combine my profiles with someone else's as long as the other creator also agrees and you give proper credit.
  • ● I'd be glad to try and create any ideas for profile templates you have.
  • ● I've become not very inactive on toyhou.se these past few months, so I won't be able to help people with html problems anymore.
  • ● Please comment below if you use any of my template, and I'd love to see the characters you use them for (as well as try to favorite all that I see)

✦ Change Log

7/1/17: forum post was created

7/16/17: added stacked and blocked profiles to the list

7/17/17: edited every profile to have justified paragraphs, added boxed profile to the list

7/18/17: made the header lines in stacked profile to be actual lines instead of thinned cards

8/13/17: created a custom color version of the colorful and simple profiles

9/9/17: created custom color version for the rest of the profiles

9/13/17: added sliced, striped, and paragraphs profile to the list

9/17/17: justified a paragraph that I missed in stacked profile and also changed the default image for same profile

9/27/17: changed the appearance of titles in colorful, blocked, and stacked profile and removed the relationship images from stacked profile

9/29/17: added sheet, rpg, sectioned, basic, and columns profile to the list

10/1/17: updated colorful profile and blocked profile (both look a bit different but both still have same sections as before)

2/4/18: updated all profiles to be mobile-friendly

4/9/18: updated columns profile to have faded backgrounds on the cards, added wiki profile

7/22/18: added boxy, navigator, shortie, and table profiles

7/24/18: added collapse profile

11/23/18: added charahub and squared off profiles


might use them!!


I really like the simplicity of these! I think I'll end up using the simple profile for some of my lesser-refined OCs. Thank you!


Ahh, definitely using, the simple one is so nice! <3

One question though, is it possible to change the colors of the cards? :0

Thank you!


i will so use the colorful one ahhh

and document as well <3


using the colorful one, I love it!


chicaaago Yes, it is possible. Just change the word 'primary' in the coding to default, success, info, warning, or danger. You can see what each color looks like for each theme in this image: http://toyhou.se/1099931.coding-snippet-goldmine#4059265 (top to bottom the themes are default, night, pink, teal, bee, and snake)

The colors change automatically depending on what theme the user has. You can do a custom color but it won't change with different themes, and it'll also include more then just changing the word 'primary' so if you want to do that I can make a version of the code with customizable colors.

(I hope I made sense because even though English is my first language I just suck at describing things ;'D)


Hukiolukio I actually just figured it out! But thank you very much!!!


I might be using Simple or Document for profiles! I'm not sure which one I prefer yet, but thank you for sharing these templates with us! 

EDIT: Sorry if this a silly question, but how would I add another row for basic info on the Document template? :^o


Just copy and paste what's highlighted here: link


Ohh! I love the document profile! ;w; I'll be using that!


Man these are so nice ;v; Ill have to use the Document layout some time <3


@jungshook your name is my spirit animal


i might use these!