Character Profile Templates

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Free! HTML!

You do not need premium or money for this! (I don't mind donations, however). New codes and code tweaks are on hold because I don't have db on this computer and I don't know where else to host lmao?

I wanted something a bit smaller than common profiles, as I only have a select number of long-standing OCs that can fill out the longer and more popular (for good reason!) ones. I catered to myself, and as I headcanon as if my kids are in videogames, I made a couple game-themed profiles! It's fun to come up with equips and skills to express daily life and other skills for everyone. The first is colorful and rough and could probably do for a few tweaks, but the second I think is very clean! Default stats are as follows: Health Points, Magic Points, STRength (attack), DEFense, INTelligence (magic strength), RESistance (magic defense), DEXterity (speed), LUcK.  Also shout out to This and all the wonderful links and codings there-in, where I got my start.


  • Comment if you're going to use it!
  • Don't redistribute the layout, nor frankenstein with others' without their permission. Adding your own coding is fine! Do not redistribute edited code. Please leave the credits in at the bottom.
  • Feel free to add/subtract/tweak as you like.
  • Maybe show me filled out bios! I'd like to see how others use them. :3c

Colorful Short Bio

RPG style | Standard style

Wiiiiide and Loonnnnggg

Live example [1] Edited examples tba once I fill this out!!

  • This one is not mobile friendly, does not collapse, and is actually REALLY MASSIVE on my laptop, but looks really good on my HD screen. I may make a thinner variant in the future, because wow, large.
  • No color theme! Very plain and muted, and will work with everyone.
  • Every row is commented in case you want to move or remove them, and for ease of editing.
  • The coding is a little hokey, and while I've been using w-25 and w-50 for most of the cards, because of the margins, you cannot make the numbers total 100, so don't go over 75 total if you want to rearrange everything.
  • Please replace my images before dropping it into your bios!!

Simple ColorBlocks

Live example [1] Edited examples tba once I fill this out!!

  • A super basic one I've been using for minor characters.
  • Changes color with your theme.
  • A little bit of commenting is available.

World Wide Blurb

Live examples [1] [2] [3]

  • Something I whipped up quickly for my world folders. You can do the same! Or just have a simple blurb for your OCs, idk.
  • Colors are static, they will not change with your theme. Match the border with the image or the bg color with your OC for best results!
  • Instructions are in the blurb, and you get both white text with a black shadow, and black text with a white shadow.

Gold/Silver/Crystal Pokedex HD

Live example [1]

  • I did this to challenge myself! It's basically probably only really good for a Pokemon/Fakemon lmao
  • Main color changes with your theme. Bottom text is navigation for more windows!
  • Lightly commented.
  • I already know what I could do to "improve it" but it's already complicated enough, so I'm probably going to leave it.

A great extra resource is Notepad++, where you edit easily and save your templates. You can color code using Language -> H -> HTML and no misplacing or unfinishing tags again.

I've been using this to clean up codes for readability. Tabs/None/CodeFragment/Auto, with "allow proprietary attributes" checked seems to work nicely.


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