[POSTPONED] Fri Jan 8, 2PM~2AM

Posted 3 years, 5 months ago (Edited 3 years, 5 months ago) by admin

The site will enter read-only mode at 2PM Friday (Jan 8, site time) for a move to a new server. Please expect the move to take ~12 hours!

Hellooooo, popping in with a report regarding the site downtime this afternoon. The site experienced spotty outages between 3PM-5PM site time; this was due to our database server running out of memory — I’ve made some adjustments to stabilise us for awhile. 

We'll be moving both our webserver and database to a new host starting from Friday (site time). I expect that we’ll experience some turbulence while adjusting settings, but I’ll be around to monitor the site 24/7 over the weekend and will be keeping this thread updated with progress and known issues.

Thank you as always for your patience, and apologies for the outages and inconvenience 🙇💦


Sorry; this announcement ended up being a little premature! 

The original plan was to migrate the site to a new host, but our current hosts have since quoted us a much better package which will take care of the server issues I've been concerned about, and should make it easier to maintain the site moving on. I'm currently ironing out the specifics with them and I expect we should be able to make this migration without any significant downtime, but I'll keep everyone updated regardless.

The servers have been stable in the meanwhile and I don't anticipate there being any issues until we're ready for the upgrade, but as usual please file a HelpDesk Ticket if you run into any technical problems 🙇 Thanks again for your patience!