[MAINT] Server Upgrades Take 2

Posted 3 years, 1 month ago (Edited 3 years, 1 month ago) by admin

The site will be moving to new servers over the weekend, starting from Friday afternoon (site time) 🎉

This should not require or cause any downtime, though the server will have to enter Read Only mode for a few minutes some time on Friday while the database is swapped over (think about 5 minutes). Unfortunately I can't provide a more detailed estimate about timing of any Read Only mode windows until the day, but will post on this thread to give a heads up whenever a blip is expected.

If you were around earlier this month you'll recall that we tried this move once already and called it off; we ended up deciding to stick with our current hosts, so the move will be a lot less fiddly this time around. There may be some spottiness while we figure out new settings (I'm planning on taking the opportunity to do some big software upgrades), but I’ll be around to monitor the site 24/7 over the weekend and will be keeping this thread updated.

Thanks for your patience, as always!


Will be going into read only mode between 7:00PM - 7:10PM for maintenance!  


New database servers have now been set up, thanks for your patience!

I'll be monitoring the new databases for a few hours and if everything looks good, will be adding another server in and a few software upgrades later tonight (around midnight). I'm not expecting this to cause any disruptions, but will post if anything comes up.


We're now on our new servers; I'll be working on rolling out software upgrades over the rest of the day ^^


Have fixed a server setting that was causing file sizes above 2MB to automatically fail; if you have been running into problems with uploads please try again.

Have upgraded our SCSS compiler, which I'm hoping should fix any errors cropping up with SCSS compilation. If you're running into problems with code not compiling that you believe is mistaken, please file a HelpDesk ticket (if you could include a pastebin of the SCSS you're having issues with, that would be great).

Thanks for your patience!