Unscheduled Downtime Report (6-8PM 2/19)

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by admin

Hi all; this is a report on some unexpected downtime we experience between 6-8PM Friday Feb 18 (site time).

Our database server became unresponsive for 2 hours due to a database table becoming corrupted -- we were able to identify, fix and recover from the problem, and don't expect any loss of data to have occurred. 

For anyone concerned regarding data integrity and storage, we take daily backups of our database which are stored remotely and can be restored in worst case scenarios. We did not have to use this backup today, and there should have been no loss of data or data rollback; however, if you notice anything strange, please let me know by filing a HelpDesk ticket and I'll investigate right away.

I'm currently aware of the root cause of the problem and will be doing some maintenance on the database later tonight (in about 6 hours) to make some adjustments to prevent this from recurring, but don't expect this to result in further downtime (maybe just some lagginess). 

Sorry for the hassle and thank you all for your continued patience! Again, please do get in touch via the HelpDesk if you have any queries or concerns. 


Maintenance is now wrapped up; we've given the database server some extra system resources and will be keeping an eye on it. 

Thanks again for your patience!