Character Tabs, Updates & Fixes (July 24)

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago by admin
New feature: Character Tabs
  • You can now create Tabs for your characters. There are two types of Tabs:
    •  Basic tabs only come with a description and gallery and are ideal for small variations such as different outfits or forms.
    •  Full tabs are a full sub-characters which are attached to unique links, comments, and favorites - these are ideal for detailed AUs.
  • You can swap between tab types at any time. 
  • You can move images between tabs via the Manage Image page so please try to use that instead of deleting & re-uploading all your images /o/
  • As usual, please bear with us while we iron out bugs and please let us know if you run into any problems, or have any suggestions or feedback. 
Layout Changes
  • Icons and links on the side menu of character & user profile pages should now all line up. 
QOL Changes
  • Added handles for drag & drop elements - this is primarily to make it easier to use on mobile layouts. 
  • Tickets should no longer clear all your current information when swapping between subtypes. 
  • Added filters into the CSS whitelist - since it's been awhile since we've done CSS parser updates, just a quick reminder that you can always email us or file a ticket if you want stuff added to the CSS whitelist. 
  • Added list styles to the WYSIWYG.
  • Blocked users no longer show up on the forum or thread index. 
  • IC switch is always unswitched by default now. 
  • The IC switch selector in worlds now filters the selection to only show characters from that world. 
  • http:// should now be automatically added to the beginning of character creator & designer URLs. 
Bug Fixes
  • The Popular Characters page should now register daily favorites correctly. 
  • Bulletins & tickets no longer crash if you attempt to enter a title longer than 50 characters long
  • Threads with empty or symbol-only titles will no longer break. 
  • Pagination on inbox searching is working again.
  • New tags added via the mass tagger should now be working again. 
  • World folder admin panel should now display the world folders rather than your own folders. 
  • World admins should be able to lock/unlock/sticky threads at will again.
  • Fixed an issue where random images wouldn't be able to be cropped. 
  • Submitting a character, text, or image too large for the server to handle should now fail gracefully instead of crashing the page. We're still aware of some issues hanging around processing animated GIFs with large dimensions or a large quantity of frames - for now, if TH runs into problems with your GIF it'll upload it with a non-animated thumbnail & watermark, but we're looking into fixes for this.