Regarding Invite Code Trading

Posted 9 years, 6 months ago (Edited 9 years, 6 months ago) by it me lulu

A few things in regards to the recent trend of trading invite codes for currency/goods/services.

1. We allow invite code trading and sales but we don't endorse or encourage it.

2. As long as the purchaser of the invite code knows what they're buying, we prefer not to regulate what users choose to do with their invite codes. The codes are rewards for a user's support and investment in the site and represent our immense gratitude -- we feel that they're out of our hands once they've been received.

3. That said, we very strongly encourage buyers to think carefully before spending real currency on an invite code! Our primary concern is potential users getting scammed, exploited or ripped off - aside from it being a shitty thing to happen to someone, we'd also hate for that to be your first impression of TH, so please take care when trading. Invite codes are generated in three ways and will be most likely be commonly available via these methods in a few weeks time:

  • Whenever a user buys a premium membership, two invite codes are immediately credited to their account (a premium membership currently costs $4.95 a month, or $24.95 per year)
  • Premium users also get 2 invite codes at the start of the week automatically (at the end of Sunday)
  • Whenever we feel like the site's ready for more users, we will also give an invite code to every user on the site (this probably won't be until we move to a spacier server, so it's unlikely to happen soon)

Regulations aside, we're really glad that people are excited to get in - thank you very much for your interest! Unfortunately at this stage we're unable to give an estimated time for public release. There are still a lot of features that have yet to be added, and a lot of numbers that need to be collected from alpha testing. We'll keep you guys updated as we go, though o/