[Scheduled Downtime] 2nd of September 3AM-6AM

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 2 years, 1 month ago) by lulu

Hi everyone! Just here to let you guys know that we're planning on trying out a new server for image hosting.

Beginning from around 2015/9/2 3AM PST (Wednesday morning) there'll be what we expect to be about 1-3 hours of read-only mode (everyone'll be logged out for the duration). We'll be making a transition over to the new host - all old images will stay on the old host, but new images uploaded from tomorrow onwards will be on the new host. Avatars will also be moving servers. 

We'll be monitoring performance and any issues that crop up over the following month. If the new host works out, we'll be transferring all the old images over too. We'll also be keeping a duplicate copy of all images on the old server for a few months to make sure no data gets lost in the move.

Images on the new host will all use new URLs, but don't worry about your image links breaking - any old links will be set up to redirect to their new homes! If everything goes smoothly the only thing you should notice is a change in new image URLs, but please do keep reporting any bugs or problems you run into. I'll be keeping you guys updated as we go.

Some other updates:

  • There's now a link to search for characters at the bottom of the page - all users can search by tags (up to five at once) and designer URL (this is intended to help people out with finding misattributed designs). Premium users can also search by keyword - we'll be keeping an eye on this to make sure it doesn't cause too much lag.
  • Blocked users now cannot post on forum threads posted by the user who has blocked them.
  • Fixed some bugs around messages/inboxes in case you were having trouble with clearing your outbox.
  • You can now link characters similar to how you'd ping a user, by using a double @@ followed by the character ID.

As usual just let us know via ticket if you run into any bugs or issues. Thank you all for your patience and support as always!