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  • A bit of an older update, but you can now delete your own comments even if they're placed on another user's profile as long as there are no replies currently attached.
  • Accessing an inaccessible user, or trying to contact an un-contactable user will now be a bit more descriptive. 
    • When accessing a hidden user's profile, you will now be told if you have been blocked, if you share an IP address with an IP blocked user, if they have mature block turned on, if they have quiet mode turned on, or if the account is closed. 
    • Hidden forum posts in the forum games section now also explain why they've been hidden. 
  • Users in quiet mode can no longer contact users who can't contact them back.
  • Receiving an error when updating or posting a character or message should now restore your text back into your text box when redirected backwards.  
  • Fixed a display bug with tooltips which took an embarrassingly long time to figure out. Tooltips should no longer teleport to the top of the page on specific profile layouts, and the arrows have been returned to their rightful position. 

Since it's a more common request than I thought, you can now change your birthday freely via your Account Settings as long as your profile is currently listed as being above the age of 18. 

For safety reasons, users listed with an age under 18 won't be permitted to change their date of birth, to prevent underage users from changing their age to gain access to adult content. 

  • Added a pages feature to worlds - you can now make pages to store additional information on. 
  • You can no longer simultaneously list a character as both free and for sale in the trade listings.
  • Character who've been listed up for trade will have their trade listing status displayed on their profile too now.
  • Tab updates:
    • You can now sort character tabs on the character's Tabs page.
    • Character image counts now include all of their tab image counts. Any characters with the old image count will not update automatically - to reset a character's image count, please move an image from one tab to another. 
    • Sub-gallery tab type added - these show up underneath the gallery of another tab. Since we're still in the process of debugging, please do file a ticket if you run into any bugs or problems with it.
  • Legacy layouts:
    • You can now disable viewing legacy layouts in your Display Settings. 
    • Accounts made from today onwards will not have access to the legacy layout setting. It's pretty broken at this stage anyway. 
  • You can now sort your favourites with folders - you can create and sort folders under your Account Settings and sort them via the Favorites Management page. 
  • You can now make nesting comment thread-style forums in Worlds. I just really like threads. 
  • We've cleaned up all the reported subgallery bugs so far and are currently going through suggestions & feedback, so if you're still experiencing any buggy behaviours please do report it and we'll look into it right away. 
    • If you still have broken thumbnails in your gallery from moving an image to a subgallery, please try moving the images in question back to their original tab and back into the subgallery to retrieve the old thumbnails.
  • You can now customise your World's front page by dragging and dropping profile blocks on Manage World page. Available widgets are: 
    • Recent forum posts
    • Recent bulletin
    • Recent comments
    • Recent characters
  • Added two sub-forums:
    • Art Trades under Creative 
    • Character Swaps under Characters & RP (for character giveaways, or gifting games)
  • Added a direct link to your characters page under the account drop down menu at the top right hand side of the page. I'll probably change this to a mega dropdown soon, it's getting crowded...
  • Premium users can now access a multi-image upload page under character sub-menus. This feature may have to be taken down periodically for maintenance until we have any performance issues sorted out. 
  • Added some extra profile blocks for premium users - you can now show recent art, literature, favorites, and worlds on your profile page
  • Put up a feedback thread in the Suggestions forum for a change in rules for fandom/kin characters, please do drop in if you have any thoughts on the topic:
  • Bugs:
    • You can now delete keys from deleted characters
    • Fixed an issue where the image manager and favorites manager wouldn't update correctly
    • Legacy profiles no longer break on page load, though if you're still using Legacy mode I would recommend moving off when you can