Caching Bug [Important] + Rules Update [Important]

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago (Edited 4 years, 11 months ago) by admin

Caching Bug

First up - apologies to everyone who experienced buggy site behaviour earlier today. 

Our server host added additional caching to our site without notifying us, which made browsers start caching TH pages. While this should now be reversed, any old cached pages will still be stuck in your browser and will be brought up whenever you try re-accessing the page. To fix this issue or any other unusual behaviours, please try the following:

  • Refresh, or hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) on any affected pages.
  • Alternatively, clear your browser cache to clear all pages. We would recommend doing this if you're using a shared device. 

Many apologies again for the inconvenience and the hassle. If you continue experiencing unexpected behaviours on any area of the site, please file a ticket and we'll look into it right away for you.

Rules Update

We've added some new rules and clarifications. This might look like a lot of new rules but it can be summarised as “please do not post any content that does not belong to you, and please ensure that you credit appropriately”; the volume of text is just to make things as clear as possible. 

If we continue to run into problems, we can look at making amendments, so if you have any feedback, please do get in touch via the HelpDesk.  

Rule 3.1: Character Sourcing has been added due to an increasing number of stolen characters and art in circulation: 

  • Characters that you do not know the original designer for are no longer permitted to be advertised for sale, trade, or gifting on-site.
  • Users with a majority of uncredited or miscredited characters in their gallery will have their characters frozen until they either remove or credit the offending characters.

Please stop uploading and trading uncredited characters. It’s close to impossible to verify whether a character is legitimately owned when there are no credits attached. We understand that sources get lost, and having one or two characters you can’t recall the source for is understandable, but an entire gallery of uncredited characters makes an account indistinguishable from a character thief. 

If you have a large volume of uncredited characters, I would strongly recommend setting them to hidden until you can find the sources. If you received these characters in trades, please try speaking to whoever you received them from as they may know the correct source. 

The following has always been prohibited, but for clarification, Rule 4: Artwork Usage has been added. Of note is the following: 
  • Do not post stolen fanart or artwork in any area of the site, including forums, user icons, user profiles, and character profiles.
  • Unauthorized use of photography is not permitted. This includes use in moodboards and for faceclaims. All photography used on-site must be clearly credited, in the same way all illustrative artwork must be credited.
  • Bases and dollmaker content should be credited. 
  • Tracing without permission is not permitted. 

A new section, Rule 5: Derivative Content, has been added. 

  • We no longer host the following characters: 
    • Re-uploads of canon characters (eg. please do not upload a profile to store official artwork or fanart/fanfic of Naruto, including AUs or altered designs who share the same name, personality and identity with the canon character)
    • Re-uploads of real persons, or OCs who have close personal relationships with real persons 
  • The following derivative characters types are fine:
    • Inspired characters are fine, EG: a character who likes dressing up as Naruto, or looks similar to Naruto but isn’t. Please double-check that they're distinguishable from the canon version. As long as your character has their own name, and a profile/design that reflects they're individual from the canon character and are not intended to literally be the canon character, they should be fine to upload. 
      • Please don't put these up for sale or trade on-site.
    • Fandom-setting and fandom-species characters are fine and can still be sold/traded. 
  • The following image uploads are now prohibited:
    • Official assets depicting existing canon characters (eg. screenshots or GIFs of canon characters, promotional images, etc.) should not be uploaded to character icons, character galleries, or character profiles
      • This rule is primarily to prevent people from using existing characters as face claims. If it's clear that the image in question is not intended to be used as a face claim or reference, it is likely fine (eg. memes, reaction GIFs, or using graphics from a game as decoration to make a themed profile would all be fine).
    • Screenshots of customised game characters are fine to upload as reference (eg. those made in a character creator, or dressed up using in-game clothing and accessories)

As a number of users have expressed concerns over these rule changes – no one will be banned unless they repeatedly reupload content that we've taken down. All characters in violation will be hidden rather than deleted, to give you time to retrieve your files and remove them from the site. 

Due to the rule changes, we do expect the ticket desk to get busy and apologise for the delay on any tickets in advance.