Post Your Unnamed Characters - Suggest Names!

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 1 year, 10 months ago) by Fvhn

Post your unnamed characters, and suggest names for everyone else's! 

Lysander chiliechii

Ahhh this is a great idea!

Second gal I immediately thought Serafina?? And the first one Will/Willow??

This cutie needs a name! Q v Q


chiliechii he looks like a Lyle, or maybe Lysander?  :3 Thanks for the suggestions!


@fisty Sachiko ? She looks kinda tough :3 


 @fehnryr Ooohh nice! I really like both of them!! Tysm and you're welcome! >v<


Ugh I have so many


Needs name #2 


Needs Name #3 ~ Would love something Icelandic or similar


#4 little sceney weenie <3


And a random interlude to suggest names for others

Morey ~ Jensen ~ Bethany ~ Riko ~ Bennet ~ Candice ~ Dorla ~ Kyle ~ Marcus ~ Jean Luc

 Helena chiliechii

Aaa this gal needs a name too ;;w;;

Gabriel For #4 maybe Nyx or Ebony?

Vanitas AlphaNerd

chiliechii I immediately thought lilith or ophelia or maybe adelaide or helena?


I need a name for my doll bab