What would you want to see in a Dwarf?

Posted 4 months, 15 days ago (Edited 4 months, 15 days ago) by zoryanny

I'm in the midst of making a dwarven character, but I'm kind of stuck on how he'd appear. Of course there's the typical body type that I want to stick with, but I'm not sure on clothing. I could take inspiration from The Hobbit, but I want to hear what you all would like to see in a dwarf that would rather dabble with potions than work in the mines.

He's also been blessed by the dwarven god, but I don't want to make it glaringly obvious. He's more a quiet guy and isn't flashy.


Hmm, the first thing that comes to mind for me is sort of a tool belt, but instead of the usual hammer, pickaxe, etc, it's just filled with varying bottles, potions, and powders. I also think a sick set of goggles/safety glasses to go with the theme would be pretty neat... maybe even a killer duster and slick boots to complete the look. Best of luck!


If you're looking to make dwarves different from the norm, I personally like adding insect traits.
They've been described as being similar to maggots before being blessed by some gods, most people agreed that they were very small and ugly, and that they were associated with metalsmithing and death.  They also turn to stone like traditional trolls do, maybe if you want to go outside the box a little you could stick with the death theme and give your dwarf some pretty sick reaper-like robes? Or some pretty metal clothes

That's just some extra inspiration though!  The fun thing about rolling around the dough of a fantasy race is you can create them however you wish.  You could look at dwarves in other settings that exist and see how they've changed theirs up and take inspiration from that.

Good luck and have fun! 


What if he had potion ingredients like herbs and stuff just stuck in his beard? 

I could also see a dwarf who dabbles in potions to have a practical set of clothes, not as much heavy armor, maybe light armor, definitely no long dangly bits that could catch fire in a cauldron's fire.  Leather gloves are a must so he doesn't accidentally get any potions on his hands and accidentally enchant himself.