Human Character Applicants

Posted 7 years, 6 months ago (Edited 7 years, 6 months ago) by sonyaism

Currently, I am not accepting non-InkMate owners to the World.

However, if you are an InkMate owner and would like to bring your human characters into the group, please post below letting me know and also submitting them into the group.

I'd like to know before I accept even if I can guess your motives.

Once all the InkMate owners are settled in, I will open non-InkMate owner applications into accepting into the group. You may have a frend put you down as a referral for likelier chances to be accepted into the group. I'd like to limit non-InkMate owner applications to keep the group safe for us but I also want to promote human to InkMate interaction for lore-sake. Again, this is all for the future, so please don't start having friends PM me or post on the deviantArt group asking to be put in just yet. I'll announce when the time is read. This is a soft opening to see if there are any hiccups and also to gain suggestions from the current community.

Thank you for understanding!
>>sonyaism ♥