Character Word Chain Game

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 11 months ago) by Prismakry

Character Word Chain Game 

Decided to start up my own forum game of this nature, and I didn't see one for this type of word game (at least not in the newest 10 pages, and I didnt' feel like digging further) 

Anyway it's a simple word game. Post as a char whose name starts with the letter that is the last letter of the person above you. To keep it simple we're only going off the chars first name if they have more then one.

For example:

PERSON A: Posts with a char named Angel

PERSON B: Posts with a char named Lesley

PERSON C: Posts with a char named Yasmin

etc etc.

I guess that's about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask in brackets?

Only rules really is to wait for at least 3 people to post before you post again, to give other people a chance :)

Carmen Prismakry

I'll start us off with my Carmen :) 

Ian Prismakry

Will get it back moving with Ian

Narcissus PoppingTabs

Trying this with Narcissus?

Starsky Purnell birthday


Yavoniles Vitton Meimorie


Sylphiel Prismakry

Let's go with Sylphiel here next

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Mack glittercore

How about a Mack?


Here's Koi'kina

Allan Soto Eisschweif

And here is Allan

Nineka Wolke Meimorie


Anse PoppingTabs

Anse would like to participate!

 Earendil Marinus Azrael

I have my Earendil right here!