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Offer To Adopt!

Designs I've made over time that needs homes.

So, they're offer for adoption! I'm mostly looking for $$ right now, may consider art or designs, but unlikely.
 Prices are Autobuys, may haggle but be fair about it
If you're wanting me to do edits to the adopt, please offer ABOVE the Auto-buy price. Auto-buy price comes as-is.

Reduced a few prices, made all prices more specific.
Haggling is okay too!

Offering Art?

Please be comfortable with drawing humans/humanoids/human-faced furry species. I don't have any need for feral/anthro (muzzle/beak) art.

I will auto-decline for: non-confident lines, photographed traditional artwork, MS-paint art, beginner habits, naturally provocative art.

Feel free to offer according to the adopt's suggested value.

Offering Adopts?

x No Ferals and other Quads.
x No "Closed Species" Kemonomimis (ie: lacies, lovenotes, beromimis, etc)
x No pastels/Kawaii, no Dollmakers (dreamselfy, gaia, etc)

x No muzzle/beak/aquatic anthros.
 --->Aquatic exception for Nudibrats and Osenyan. (lol)

+ CS I like include: Dreamies, Pashminna*, Bellfoxes*****, Appositi**, Avidron, Cupids, Blakrye*, colorful bipedal things I need to clothe myself, etc.
+ Wings! Long tails! Floppy ears! Ribbons! Horns!

+ Willing to offer multiple or +Art for popular CSs
+ Humans: furturistic/retro theme, punkish, asian, grunge. Non-CS android people.
+ Humanoids/Kemonomimi: Fantasy RPG themes. Dandy, Renaissance, non-sexualized armor. "Desert" theme. Pirates (xNo captain designs).
+ Clothing with the above themes are also great!

+ CS MYO slots. Human-faced furries and the like only. xNo Kemonomimi-CS.


  • Do not claim this artwork as your own. Do not edit the original art. Please only post up the original art with watermarks.
  • Do not use my original art for profit in any way.
  • Feel free to tweak colors, change gender, chop off a limb, whatever.
  • Link back to me ([email protected] toyhou.se / deviantart /tumblr, or Capsaicinoid on furaffinity) on the first post you make with the character. Anything after is up to you.
  • Do not resell the design for more than you paid, without additional artwork and with the artist's permissions, and only up to the value in which you spent on it.
  • If it was obtained in a trade, only give it away or trade it away. Do not resell traded adopts for cash or vouchers.
  • If the design is human or otherwise a non-species, feel free to use it in your comics/prints/charms/games/whatever, but only with your own art.
  • I'd like to track my CS designs, if you are trading one of my designs, please contact me.
  • Please hold onto your CS designs for at least a month before trading again.
  • TL;DR: No profiting, no claiming my art as yours, no editing my art.

>Link to Trade Gallery<

some examples:


Very tentative: Personal species Leolop designs

Rosale Guest Designs and Auracorn Guest Designs in First Post!

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Also I have some guest artist Rosales and Auracorns up for sale! They're over here! and Over here !

Auracorn hub here, check out all of them fullsized (but watermarked!)



All four Rosales are open! Only Auracorns 02 and 09 are open.

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