Plate Fighters - Free Unique Adopts!

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I was looking through my projects and I came across an old project of mine that I decided to revamp and update for my EvoCrit site.  These will be unique characters, and each one will be based off the traits, as well as the location they can search.  You'll get some ARPG currency, and may get an item or two.  You need to have an EvoCrit account to get one.  Also, the more of these that are requested, the more items will be made available to request.  Simply fill out the form at the bottom to request one.


Quad Base: This base adds weight and stability, but doesn't have as much speed.

Biped Base: This base has more speed, but doesn't have as much weight or stability.

Taur Base: This base is quite slow and isn't as stable, but it looks cool.


Spiked Collar: This item will add random spikes to the base. + attack

Wings: This item will add maneuvarability, but sacrifices stability.

Shield: This item reduces knockback, but you can't use an axe or a blaster with it.

Circuit board: This item will make the base slightly mechanical.

Paw Mark: This item will give the creature a more canine or feline look.


Blaster: You can blast enemies from far away.

Sword: You have to get close to enemies, but it deals a moderate amount of damage.

Axe: You don't have to get too close to enemies and it deals a ton of damage, but it slows you down.

Flail: A medium range weapon that looks cool.

Stick: This weapon seems like it wouldn't be very strong but it surprisingly is.

Red Glove: This weapon allows you to throw fireballs.  It has a medium range.

Areas (this determines the area you start being able to explore)

Field: This area is flat and average. Cover is sparse.

Forest: This area has a bunch of cover. Maybe too much. Other than that, it's unremarkable.

Lava Field: This area has pools of lava that you don't want to fall into and a good amount of cover.

Ice Field: This area has a good amount of cover and the ice adds to speed.

Lake: This area is full of drops into the water, but it's well worth the added difficulty.

Wasteland: This area lacks cover, but it has plenty of interesting locals.

Desert: This area slows you down but there are plenty of hazards that you can use to your advantage.






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I remember Evocrit haha I think I owned one of them in my old dA account xD Interested to see where this goes~


Base: Taur

Add-on: Wings

Weapon: Stick

Area: Wasteland

EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13