[OPEN] Trading/selling 200+ characters c:!

Posted 8 months, 6 days ago (Edited 1 month, 8 days ago) by Luffik


Hello me hearties X3!

Welcome to my trading/selling thread. All characters have been designed and drawn by me. 

You can browse them on my Toyhou.se>> or on my dA>> 

The entire Toyhouse is up for offers:

>>> https://toyhou.se/Luffik/characters <<<

Prices in the TH titles / dA descriptions but you can haggle on all non-CS designs, especially if you're buying multiple!

Discount folder on TH is up to 50% off the label price, and who knows, you might convince me to go lower if you take multiple from there.

Looking for: USD>Points=Characters>Art

The art I'm looking for would be of pairs of characters interacting and it would be mostly anthro and human characters (many different types of characters and interactions to choose from in case my first suggestion doesn't suit you).

Important: Please offer characters only if you're their original creator and you're fine with them being heavily redesigned / used in published novels or in my arpg group (The-Fading-Realms) as species, NPCs, and if you are fine with me passing them onto someone else at some point as a result of an arpg encounter. If used in the arpg multiverse encounter, the character will likely not be redesigned but they will be a creature encountered by other group members that they will have to interact with via drawing/writing and then possibly some member will take them home (aka, ownership will change from me to that person).

ps. As to the CS adopts, I will not accept art and characters for flyenas and garxies but might take it for their MYO slots>>

Here are some examples of my open adopts, but please just browse on TH or dA to see all! c;

Thanks for looking and please don't be afraid to offer! 

* * *

I'm also open for commissions and custom character design>> (currently accepting for July slots)

| Buy me a coffee (tip jar) | Available adoptables | dA | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr |

General rules/ToS;

Payment - if paying with USD/points, payment within 48 hours from claiming via PayPal (with an invoice).
Ownership - you can do whatever you want with my adopts, develop the concept further however you want. Exception is if you're getting flyenas or garxies, as those species are regulated by 
separate ToS.
Holds - If you are paying with PayPal or points, I can hold for up to a week if you're a first time customer. If you're a return customer, longer holds are possible, ask away!
Data privacy clause - The e-mail address you share with me for the sake of concluding the transaction via PayPal will be used only to send you the invoice for your adoptable and then - if you let me know beforehand that you prefer that over the sta.sh link - to send you the files of your adoptable. I will never use your e-mail address for any other purposes or disclose it to any third party other than PayPal.

* * *

If you have a dA account and like adopts with rpg elements - I invite you to join the adventure in my multiverse called The Fading Realms>>





Hello yes! I would love to snag these two adopts <3


Jules Hello! Ahh, thaks so much! :3 I've put the babs on hold for you. Please message me with your e-mail address and I shall send an invoice :3

It might be only in about 3 hours though as I will only be home then.




Is #6 still available from this batch? She’s brilliant!



Toccyn Hey there :3! Yes, that one is still available and totally up for offers. Glad you like her! <3


Can I offer $10 on her? :D


Toccyn Yup! Please let me know your e-mail (you can shoot me a message with it) and I'll send an invoice over c: