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Hello! I'm Jay and I'm a designer. I have plenty of adopts available, including some of my own closed species, Lukkii and Hellfoxes!

My terms for using my designs are as follows:

  • Once the design is bought, it is yours to do use for whatever you want!
  • Minor design edits are okay, so long as I am credited to the original design!
  • If you give away, trade, or resell the design, let me know! Please try not to resell for more than you bought it for.
Some of these designs are also on my adopts dA, reaper-bird!


Lukkiis are a closed species! If you would like to make your own, customs are $10!
These are all priced at $5.
Lukkiis are small spirits, like wisps. and seeing one is said to bring you good luck, hence their name. They resemble ferrets, with their long bodies and tails, but they have flat faces with small black eyes. They do not have mouths, noses, or ears, but can sometimes sport ear-like fur tufts. Their faces and paws are always the same color and do not sport the colorful markings their bodies do. They glow softly in the dark.

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Hellfoxes are intelligent, curious creatures. They can be trained quite easily but can be unpredictable. Their bodies are always dark, usually grey, and have bright markings. The "flames" coming from their bodies are their spirits, with the bodies being more like vessels. When they sleep, it looks the flames smolder, like embers in a fireplace.

These are all $5.hellfox_adopts__open_2_3__points_usd_by_

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These are not any particular species, but rather just random adopts/designs. Some were originally created for Furvilla. These are all $3, unless otherwise specified. 

Fc9yt0k.png KWgUWUB.png
Royal | Newt


Jurassic | Pincushion | Mink


Toxic [$5]


Cyber Bun

dcgrezm-181c38d9-f2b4-4cf4-a20b-78b500f6MaskMonster [$15]
comes with both appearances/colors

New adopts may be added at times, and claimed adopts will be removed!

I accept payment through paypal with invoices, or through my ko-fi! Adopts on dA are also up for points.


New set of adopts, just cute quick dragon bleps! Each one is only $1!


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