[PSA] Improper Conduct - EcnaDonVella [01.17.20]

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago (Edited 3 years, 1 month ago) by hen-tie

❗ Please do not harass this user (or anyone else involved), slander them, or witch hunt. This is a PSA so that people are made aware of this user’s behavior and actions and can make an informed decision on avoiding business with this user.

⚠️ Beware that this thread will contain profane language and mention the following subjects: suicide and self-harm 

📌 UPDATED ON JANUARY 17, 2020 (Please scroll below for latest details)

Who: DeviantArt: EcnaDonVella | Twitter: EcnaDonVella | Instagram: _ecnadonvella_
TH Accounts: @mikki (previously Ecna_Don_Vella), @Bangaanaut, @Welmar, & @mikki-white 

What: Continual Harassment
When: July 2019 - January 2020 (?)
Resolved: Unsure

My Message:

Hello! I'm Hen. I’ve never made a PSA before, so firstly I’d like to thank everyone who supported and aided me in the writing and compiling of evidence provided in this PSA.

If you were affected by this user in any way, feel free to reach out to me with proof. You may request redaction of information that can be used to identify you to remain anonymous for safety reasons. Please inform me or TH Admin if you spot a suspicious account that could possibly be the user in question. Thank you!

Edit: While it may seem the harassment towards me has thankfully stopped, this PSA will be left available to the public for an indefinite amount of time. This will not be updated/bumped unless there is significant activity of harmful acts towards me or others, and will serve as a point of reference if this user misbehaves in the communities or circles they partake in. I sincerely hope that the user has learned from this arduous experience.


  • EcnaDonVella is an unreasonable client who threatened to sue me, the artist, for refunding the commission in full, despite it being my right as a service provider to refuse clients. She labels this act of refunding as "unlawful" and claims to be a German law student. 
  • Since her initial threats did not work she resorted to defaming me through contacting several people via social media. 
  • She has threatened self-harm or suicide if her demands are not met on multiple occasions. 
  • She has also harassed other people besides me throughout this whole ordeal, and has continuously block evade and stalk my social media. 
  • She managed to get my personal information and claims to have filed legal charges against me, and attempted to make a counter PSA (now deleted) despite the proof provided in the full details. However she has also insinuated that she will try again to make another counter PSA to further defame me.
  • She was caught still defaming me and involved parties in other discord servers.
  • She has attempted to call my private number, further violating my privacy.
  • TH Admin has closed all her known TH accounts, but may possibly still have alts hidden on the site.

Full Details


On July 3, 2019, I officially accepted a private custom commission offer from EcnaDonVella (supposedly to be co-owned). We had no prior interaction besides negotiating a commission deal. I was then warned by another client (a few weeks later on July 19th, 2019) about Ecna, who saw her username on my public trello, and that was when I learned of Ecna’s past conflicts in relation to the artist DrawinglyWillingly along with other miscellaneous proof regarding Ecna’s personality and behavior. 

Drawingly's PSA & Proof
Note: Yes, I am aware of the PSA on DrawinglyWillingly; however I cannot ignore that Ecna chargebacked a finished custom and a design she had won from an auction, which was followed up by reselling the latter design to another user (Wystaria) despite revoking her own ownership of the adopt via the chargeback.


More proof that was given to me at the time

After being informed of the evidence, I felt it may be financially unwise for me to continue working with Ecna, so I exercised my right and ability to choose which customers I wished to work with. I ultimately cancelled the custom and fully refunded her invoice on July 19, 2019. I then notified Ecna of the cancellation, and blocked her on every social media platform I had. I did my best to avoid further conflict since I didn't have the mental capacity and health to deal with Ecna if trouble potentially arose, and felt that this was the best course of action. I'm already too stressed and worried from concern about the safety of my family and myself, since I reside in Hong Kong where protests were quite violent at this point in time.

After being blocked, Ecna sent her associates to message me on her behalf starting on July 20, 2019 on deviantart, twitter and toyhouse; which is against the rules on block evasion. I responded to only two people (and ignored the rest), in order to give Ecna (through these proxies) a clearer explanation and reasoning as to why she was blocked and why I refused to work further with her even in the future. The twitter messages are lost since unanswered requests delete immediately after blocking.

Compilation of messages sent to me

Eventually, Ecna insinuated that she would properly return Wystaria’s stolen money (related to her dispute with DrawinglyWillingly) if I were to return her custom commission, which I refused to do. That matter only involves me indirectly by informing me of Ecna’s behavior. Ecna however did eventually refund the money related to the stolen design to Wystaria, which is good. After that I decided to avoid Ecna completely to stop further conflict; unfortunately my silence was taken advantage of.

Proof of the refund

Ecna proceeded to contact several people to try and defame me in an attempt to hurt my reputation as a freelance artist, either through toyhouse’s private messaging or through discord (direct message and public servers). Because of this, I blacklisted her so that she could not purchase my adopts and art on July 22, 2019. In return, Ecna threatened to sue me (for defamation) through her conversations with other people. The proof has been provided by other people who weren’t happy with her behavior, and was given to me of their own free will.

A rant she made on her public journal
Note: This journal was written in German and this was google-translated into English, so there is the possibility of mistranslations.

Her DA status:

More screenshots proving she was spreading her “side of the story”


On September 11, 2019, one of Ecna’s associates somehow got ahold of my private discord. They informed me of Ecna’s despondent behavior and thoughts of self-harm and suicide and wished for me to talk with her to try and help her. I felt the conversation and matter was sincere and urgent so I cautiously gave Ecna what little benefit of the doubt I was willing to muster and agreed to talk with her. 

A short conversation asking me to talk to Ecna

I unblocked Ecna on my social media, but instead of contacting me on deviantart or toyhouse, Ecna contacted me on my discord instead. Ecna apologized to me, and the conversation ended with my removing her from the blacklist and with the possibility of us mending our strained relationship as seller and buyer. It would not be the case, however.

Ecna’s “Apology”


On November 16, 2019, Ecna sent me an email threatening to sue me for emotional damages resulting from our exchange in July. She demanded compensation for the “damages” as well as public apologies on the platforms twitter and deviantart.


The email was deeply upsetting and I felt that my efforts to listen to her and reconcile were betrayed and taken for granted. I had mistakenly assumed that we had patched or resolved things between us in our September conversation. This situation has forced my hand, resulting in me breaking my silence and making this beware to inform anyone who is part of the art and adopt community of the user’s potential for harassment and mistreatment. Unfortunately, in the making of this PSA, information on other conflicts with Ecna experienced by other people have also surfaced and will be added to this post for everyone’s knowledge.

Piffi Community Server Discourse 
Note: This is a compilation of Ecna’s misconduct in discord PMs and the public chat server of the Piffi community that took place sometime in May 2019.

While I am reluctant to post this PSA, Ecna has been manipulative and harmful in her behavior and actions towards me and many others as can be seen in the compiled screenshots, where she uses a variety of tactics to try and get what she wants. My silence and attempt at resolution has not solved anything; and whether I should continue to keep quiet or not, I am emotionally and mentally taxed due to the difficult dealings with Ecna. I find it best after much thought and advice to bring this matter to the public’s awareness for everyone’s information and safety, and hope that there will be no further people hurt by Ecna. Regarding myself, Ecna will be back on my blacklist indefinitely following this incident.

▌Another Perspective and Debunking Ecna’s Lies

An entry from Mindscape

Hello, my name is Andy.  Some of you will recognize me from my PSA against DrawinglyWillingly.  For many months, I had been part of a small private DM convo that Ecna had created.  In this private group, we would talk about DrawinglyWillingly’s actions and past scams and gather evidence on her to bank for future use.  However, during my time there, I had mixed feelings about Ecna.  No, even before that when we were both still in the Folklore server, I had mixed feelings about Ecna.  The way she behaved and talked came across poorly sometimes.  But regardless, I tried to push that aside and be civil as difficult as it was at times.  While I and one other person in the group did have negative experiences with Drawingly, Ecna was always out for blood.  I had not started screencapping things about Ecna back then because I had not felt the need to, but Ecna had always had a very unsavory attitude towards Drawingly after being demoted and kicked from the group, and later, towards anyone who she felt “wronged” her in any manner including other adopt sellers and buyers.  There were many times that I felt uncomfortable around her due to her behavior and manner of speaking about other people.

I am somewhat the “fire starter” in this issue; on July 18th of 2019 Drawingly put up a sales journal offering resales for designs from her closed species.  Among these designs was Ecna’s custom folk.  I panicked and reached out to Ecna, because at the time I was not aware that Ecna had charged back on the design a couple of months after owning it, thus forfeiting ownership of the Folklore design in question.  Once Ecna had confessed the chargeback to me, I stopped being able to side with her, and that led to an argument wherein I was heavily verbally abused by her in a private DM conversation between myself and her.  Upset with what had taken place, I reached out to some friends for advice, and one of them took the initiative to reach out to Hen-tie about Ecna’s behavior, because they feared that Ecna might pull the same chargeback stunt again.  This resulted in Hen-tie cancelling Ecna’s custom Lilidae slot (which Ecna had also been flaunting as “up for offers” despite having NO intentions to accept any offers on it).

Once the Lilidae slot was cancelled, Ecna and I got into another argument right in the group chat as Ecna more or less accused me of going directly to Hen-tie about the issue to purposely get back at her.  Ecna played the victim and believed the slot was “unfairly cancelled” because “she did nothing wrong.”  During the course of the argument, Ecna continued to verbally abuse me, threatened me, and eventually called in back up to defend her when I wouldn’t back down.  After hearing about the situation, even her own backup wouldn’t side with her, and eventually the group chat was disbanded.

Ecna’s Outbursts & Confessions
Note: ⚠️ Beware that this collection of screenshots contain profane and disturbing language. Ecna displayed severe aggression while admitting to some of her misdeeds especially related to the PSA against her.

I caught her later on trying to trash talk me in the Birdfolk discord on July 21st, talking about the situation and once again painting herself as the victim, purposely leaving out any incriminating details.  I messaged several people about the situation privately so that they were aware of the full details, and once again, Ecna failed to receive the support she wanted.  By this time, word of her endeavors had started to spread from both word of mouth, and Drawingly uploading journals to showcase Ecna’s behavior.  Ecna filed DMCA takedowns on the journals to try and hide the evidence against her, but it was too late.  Too many people were aware, and after Hen-tie’s public blacklisting, it became even more known about her behavior.

Birdfolk Server
Note: This is a compilation of Ecna’s display of poor behavior in the Akriri Nest Server (Birdfolk) on July 21, 2019.

Ecna and I currently share one Discord server, but I have had her blocked since the fiasco back in July so I had no intention of bothering with her.  Despite this, and despite me saying nothing to her, she took it upon herself to message the server owner with “concerns” that I might harass her, which resulted in me receiving a warning from the server owner to behave myself.  Infuriated, I made the server owner aware of the situation via numerous screencaps from July, and I was told that Ecna had been lying about the situation and making herself look innocent, which does not at all surprise me.

Discussion with the distressed server owner
Note: This is a compilation of the conversation with the discord server owner that took place on October 28, 2019.

Ecna is a very vindictive person and has a very entitled attitude, and when she cannot get her way or told she is in the wrong, she gets very abusive and resorts to legal threats and suicide baiting when the former fails.  I do not care what her life situation is like offline, there is no excuse for the way she treats people.  Everyone should exercise extreme caution when dealing with her.


I have been sincerely open to working out a resolution with Ecna; however due to how the situation has evolved into the latest incident, I refuse any further contact with Ecna. I am unsure how things would be resolved exactly due to the severity and range of the offenses committed by Ecna against me and in general. Ultimately this depends on Ecna herself if she were to change for the better and not cause harm towards others for a respectable period of time. As of now, my trust and faith in her has been severely diminished, however.

We would like to mention that we understand that her personal circumstances may be difficult but it does not excuse her actions; harsh life circumstances do not excuse how she has mistreated various members of our community. It does not give her or anyone else a pass. We have made this PSA to criticize what she has done and not who she is. Again, we ask that no one is harassed, that is not the intention. This PSA is made to inform others in an attempt to make them aware and safe. 

Thank you for reading this and apologies for the length. 

May everyone have a good day or night.




Updated TH profile page & icon
Note: Other miscellaneous proof of her lack of remorse as seen on her updated TH icon and user profile.

Ecna has recently posted a status saying that she would be leaving deviantart. Although we cannot dismiss the possibility she could jump accounts or come back. After all she had said several times she would be leaving since July but has never fully done so. It is not that I wish for her to close down her account but I simply strongly dislike that she is using this false narrative as a form of guilt-tripping and painting everyone who has spoken of her abuse in a bad light. And based on her message she hasn't properly reflected on her actions and still insists on being the one "cyberbullied".



Ecna has recently changed her username to @mikki on the same account to "bait" according to her most recent update. Though her second bulletin mentions making a PSA as well to counter this, despite the stacking evidence proving her misconduct.


Ecna's Counter PSA
Note: Ecna came back in an alt account, @bangaanaut, to post her promised PSA against me along with other miscellaneous information such as her experience with DrawinglyWillingly. Comments of redacted users are included, however some of the earlier comments disputing Ecna's claims have been deleted.

Ecna tells her point of view while lacking evidence to back-up her claims, most of which were already covered in this PSA. She has also revealed personal information such as my name which she said to have gotten from a PayPal employee, along with the claim of having gone to the police for charges of "libel" and "defamation" against me. She replied aggressively to users who were either neutral or actively disproving her claims, at times deleting some users' posts. As of now the PSA has been deleted, but she said she will come back with a new PSA with help from another user.

Below are the screenshots highlighting that she has someone helping her:



Message from the co-owner who was supposed to own this custom with Ecna
Note: The co-owner, Rucyna, has decided to publicly share her story in regards to how Ecna has treated her throughout this whole ordeal. Please read with caution as there are sensitive topics tackled. There's threats of stalking and bodily harm directed at me.


Another PSA partly related to Ecna
Note: One of the people Ecna was referring to in the previous update is related to the user found on the other PSA. Below is the highlighted evidence:


Ecna posted on a subreddit r/slavelabour to look for someone to assist in making her PSA
Note: This is the original link of the subreddit. This has only been made aware to me a few days ago but this was posted on December 15, 2019, the day before she posted her PSA against me. She may be still looking to hire someone to "fix" the PSA she made, offering $20-$40 for 3K-5K words.


As for a more recent update, Ecna was reported to still be telling "her side of the story" as explained in the deviantart note above where she joined a voice chat. This is the discord screenshot provided in the conversation. With this update, I would like to ask to take caution if Ecna has entered your discord server given her history of threatening self-harm and questionable legal claims.


I think this is by far the worst case of Ecna violating my privacy, by calling my private number just after I updated this PSA.

I initially thought that it was a phishing number from Germany, rejecting the call twice. I then had it checked through WhatsApp, discovering the display picture that links to Ecna. Below are the proof linking this number to her by finding the source of the artwork. And this is the official masterlist link where that character belongs to.

I do not know how Ecna managed to get my number given the private nature of it, as I do not have it available publicly in any of my social media. I'm at a loss of words but I very much feel disgusted by this behavior...

Below are the screenshots:





On January 13, she made a public statement on her deviantart account. Below is the translation from a German associate of mine.

(*) = translator's note

"I urgently suggest the honorable [Hentie]  alias [N.A]  to consider getting a legal attorney, as I have chosen to take civil action against you. Amongst other things, I ask them to refrain from spreading private chat histories that violate my privacy as well as to stop further attacks [which include defamation and factual wrong claims] online. I never gave consent in any way, to distribute those chat histories. I hereby express a public omission [of your activities] against me. I will send it to you in writing within the next two months from [my lawyer and partner] (*/who is) in Hong Kong. (*I don't know what she meant with this if her lawyer is in HK or if she'll send them to HK since she said 'I WILL' and then 'from my lawyer and partner')

"I will not stop the procedure, nor will I drop the case. And it's none of your business if I buy stuff here or on my other accounts! My dignity and my pride are untouchable. (*it's a German law that the pride and the dignity of a human is untouchable and she's just using it for the sake of it.) Leave me alone and do something productive in your lives for once instead of harassing people online.

"PS: I know that my German grammar and my use of words(/sentence structures) are bad, no need to tell me all the time!"

I've spoken with several people with knowledge and background with international and local laws, and all of them have advised me to not to take Ecna's legal threat seriously. They unanimously concluded her behavior is not that of someone who has filed a proper international legal case at all.


TH Admin responded to my ticket and has permanently closed Ecna's known TH accounts


However, despite the closure of these accounts, it doesn't mean the PSA has been resolved due to the fact Ecna still has existing accounts here on TH (as mentioned in her status below; toggle spoiler) and is still premeditating her harassment.


Given the final decision of the TH Admin regarding the case, I kindly ask that if anyone were to spot any of Ecna's other existing TH accounts to inform me and/or send a formal ticket with proof to Help Desk for admin assistance. I'd also like to ask anyone who Ecna approaches to proxy buy my adopts/art or contact me in any way to not do it, as it is considered an offence that can potentially lead to a ban from this site aside from a public blacklist from me. 

Thank you for reading


Block evasion usually comes with consequences. Was this by any chance reported with proof? The fact that they sent people your way again and again is unacceptable.


thank you for speaking up,
despite how she threat to sue you over and over again, you stay strong.


Speaking on behalf of someone:

 Being dragged into the situation by Ecna drained them. They were expected to basically be a free therapist while having health issues and classwork (I can confirm this since we are classmates and close friends). Seeing Ecna shit talk and pressure them to conform to her desires made my friend very uncomfortable. Although they tried to help, they hated being repeatedly contacted via DM when they have a DM aversion. Being insulted and expected to lend their time to Ecna made them feel more like a discount therapist or at least a servant. This made them very stressed and I have discussed these issues with my friend extensively. According to my friend, they encouraged someone my friend knew to try and join in on this litigation. This offended my friend, who wanted their friends to stay out of this situation. Ecna is toxic, as a friend and as an enemy. I remember my friend showing me their phone, where Ecna sent multiple messages bothering them while we were in class. I was deeply disturbed by this and I believe that my friend was bothered even more so. After all, they have blocked and complained about people who bother them via PMs. By keeping Ecna unblocked, I believe this is an expression of their fear. This shows Ecna's strong negative influence.

We wish you luck with this in the future. Ecna has coerced (my friend probably won't look at this since they're procrastinating on a term paper) an easily influenced and trusting person. By taking advantage of my friend (I told them to block Ecna several times, but my friend felt bad), and speaking poorly of others, Ecna has demonstrated herself to be inherently toxic. My friend and I have a mutual friend, who speaks fluent German. Despite being a "law student", Ecna's German grammar is noted to be atrocious. Although this may not express her intelligence, this makes me question the possibility of her being well versed in law. 

If Hentie requests it, I will take this down. Edited for privacy.


JESUS, this PSA was a long read, but I'm glad you posted it, the community really does need to know about Ecna, just...WOW?! I've read it twice to fully digest it, cuz again...wow...pats everyone who has been hurt x_x'' I hope nothing else happens??? ;_;a 

AlyssaB Omg is Ecna harassing you right now??? Are you guys ok?! D: 

Azinadhi Hi, what is this "yeet" you speak of? I tried to look for it while reading the PSA but I got lost in the deluge of awful evidence...that said, I hope your friend finally did cut contact with Ecna though. It will be good and better for your friend to do so, since it sounds like Ecna is causing them real damage ;-;


eesh... i was one of the redacted people in the piffi server screencaps ; v ; had no idea it extended that far in dms. wren has far more patience than i fjdhhf

the only other time i remember seeing ecna is in the vitriceus server trying to resell a "waste of money" custom; im.. really not surprised abt this psa at all orz


I am going to also name myself as being harassed by Ecna and threatened with legal actions. I have since blocked Ecna and, while I don't believe my own experience is anything of great importance, I do want to note that did "stalk" my actions, seemed to have gotten involved in an individual party and myself trade (this had nothing to do with them), and was all around using key wording to get me to feel guilty. I won't mind adding my own experiences to the PSA, but I think most was covered in the PSA of what I experienced.

While I do have Ecna blocked, I do hope that somewhere Ecna understands that this isn't the type of behavior to have and Ecna is doing better. I would be open to talking with Ecna, I have lost a lot of trust in that as it was hostile for me.


I’m so sorry many of you are going through so much because of this person, it hurts and actually makes me feel sick to know someone so manipulative like this exists.

I’ve heard of this person through Drawingly’s PSA, So I was already extremely weary.

I hope they cease their actions and stop all together,, you guys have no responsibility over her actions or mental health and have no obligation to stay in contact her outside of business. ;; what she does is all on her own will power and ability.

I don’t know how it is outside of the country, but cyber bullying/ cyber harassment is against the law in America and a recent law on online harassment in France.

Involving others so she can avoid block would also be considered ‘group harassment’. I know this might not ever be brought to IRL situations, but please keep all evidence of her no matter what.

Please stay safe and thank you for the PSA. ;;


I'm so sorry to hear that such things have been happening. While my own experiences with her are far better than what you went through, it unfortunately isn't surprising to me that she acts this way. I have been in a discord server with her and she literally spent all her time talking about adopts and customs and basically flaunting money and it was very uncomfortable, to say the least. She also kept bringing up a friend who was being harassed (you'd think that she wouldn't harass people if she had a friend that was going through the same thing!) despite constantly saying that she shouldn't talk about it and no one encouraging her to do so. Thankfully, after the server owner talked to her in DMs, she ended up leaving the server.



Thank you for the information! I'm no law student myself and didn't know how strong laws are against cyber/online harassment in other locations. So this does shine a lot of light and if the action to take this course is ever needed, at least we all know now. ; v;/