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Hello! This is a PSA to beware the person known as @/Burningwhite on DA also known as MunkWhite on Discord/Skype and Shire on FA. They may go by other names as well, but these are the ones I know of. 

I implore all of you to share this journal! Post it everywhere, DA, Tumblr, FA, Facebook, on everything you're on! Save others from going through the same thing and protect your fellow artists!


Update 9/3/2017: Linking whites accounts that I know of for people to block~

Toyhouse - and

Furaffinity -… and… and…

Deviantart -


Warning 9/5/2017: Unfortunately I have to mention this. Any comments regarding the LGBTQ community will be ignored. That is not the point of this post just because it is mentioned that White is trans doesn't make all trans people bad. Please keep all commented related to White's actions (not her sexuality/identity of what she identifies as), what they've done to you and the degil species. You are entitled to your own opinion, but as I stated, White being trans is NOT the main point of this journal. 


Update 9/8/2017: So if any of you have been checking degils or looking at my gallery and may have noticed I tried to revoke the Sunset Tiger mascot design from degils. Turns out I cannot legally revoke this design since White now owns the copyright and will not relinquish it back to me, but I've just learned something else. White seems to be trying to find "sleazy loopholes" to revoke designs from people. 

Sleazy Loopholes proof

I have blacked out the name of the person I spoke with about legal rights of my design and revoking it as I do not wish to cause any drama for them. I am assuming the person they're talking about is @/Roiell-arts also known as Zena because white has been trying to get their Roiell character ever since Zena left the degil species and took the design with them. 

Roiell also has a small psa on white - PSADA/FA user Burnignwhite/Shirree and any alt accounts.
White has tried to blackmail Zena out of 150$ to allow them to keep their own character and so White would back off from taking that character. Zena will be reporting this blackmailing at some point to the police, we are encouraging other users not to report this for the safety of the user White manipulated.

Blackmailing Zena

She did not "sell" Roiell to Zena since Roiell was already Zena's. She blackmailed 150$ out of Zena to make her leave Zena alone. White manipulated another user into taking the 150$ from Zena into their paypal as white did not want Zena having her paypal. This money was later returned by the 3rd party user and white turned around saying that user "scammed" them out of the 150$ - Manipulating

However no sooner after telling me that she left Roiell alone she turns around and tells me she wants to stress Zena out more.

White was giving them trouble before for no reason just because she wanted to get a character (Vesta) back from them -Harassing User 2  Harassing User Page 1


I will not be taking down this journal regardless of what they say even if they post on this journal or have their friends post on here. 

For those of you who care about pronouns please let me state now that White never told me whether them to call me he/she/they/it. Therefore you may notice I tend to call White "him/he" more than anything as that is just my default pronoun and I truly apologize if this offends those of you who care about pronouns. 

White has caused a lot of people grief and stress, including myself. Earlier this year White had asked me to make a base for the @/Degil-Hollow group after I had entered a mascot contest for the group. I had agreed to try making a base, however they never discussed payment for this. They had later also asked me to do the trait sheets to which would be asked as compensation for backing out of the base, trait sheets, and most of all their Shara commission. White had asked for all of these things to be done in 1 month and every time I tried to do them they were pushed to the back burner and he asked me to do something else be it his shara ref or a piece of gift art. 

This is the commission of Shara he asked for - Shara Commission Image

This is not all of it, it is missing the nsfw portion on it as I am still a minor and I didn't want to draw those pieces. When I am 18 those sketches will be posted to my FA. I was offered a single character as payment for this whole ref. Some things on there were not agreed to when he first asked for it such as the 3 outfits. During the process of the sketch which White constantly had me stream to him, he was extremely picky about every little detail passed the point of frustration. When I had asked for more payment I was thrown low quality adopts as "payment" to pick from. When I said no to those they showed me the two characters of theirs I liked and told me I could have them on the terms that I - 1. Don't make gore art of them. 2. If the "friendship" between white and I broke off the character would be returned to them. and 3. Any ships the character was in with whites characters had to stay the same.

I declined those terms as I do not think its fair that I would have to return a character over a friendship. White would be making off with a free reference of his char pretty much while I had lost the "payment" I would've gotten for that reference. 

Now before I go on let me say that White is a minor, they are only 16 years old. They have been commissioning NSFW stuff from other artists and asking other minors to do gift art of nsfw things even if they decline it. This can get people into trouble as it is illegal to sell NSFW things to minors.

White had also guilt tripped a piece of gift art out of me. 

Thrayn Version 1Thrayn Version 2

There are 4 different versions to this gift art. The two shown above are the SFW versions, the other two are the same ones above except with nipples on the art. There was only supposed to be 1 version of this piece of art and White forced me to make 3 other versions, one without the halo I had put on it and then two others with nipples on the first two versions. 

White also had me design their kobalt creature for them for their animation class which I tried colors I wanted to test on them that White hated so he went with different colors. I later used those colors on one of my characters in slightly different hues and White forced me to change them calling it a ripoff of his kobalt and that he'd see it as his character because it was basically one of his "old" designs from the designing process of his character.

On top of all of this, White had been trying to get between me and my current boyfriend of 2 years. At the time I had known White only a few weeks if maybe a month and he claimed to have loved me. He tried to force me into a poly relationship with him to which I did not agree to. He then told me he was trans (male to female) and wanted me to be bi-curious/lesbian for him when I told him many times I was straight. His response to me being straight was "a noodle is only straight until its wet." When that did not work White constantly complained about my boyfriend and tried to find ways to make me break up with him, even trying to force me to split my time by giving White 50 percent of my time and my boyfriend 50 percent of my time. He demanded movies every Fridays, calls every night before he went to bed at 2-4am my time and wanted me to spend every single evening with him talking about art, degils, fluff, and his characters. 

He tried to get me to teach him art, but most of the time he just sat there crying about not knowing how to do the sketch and didn't even bother trying to do it. He later blamed me for the reason he couldn't draw. 

This is the proof for everything above -

Soon after this I had blocked White for the first time on Skype, White then contacted me on DA crying that they missed me and wanted a second chance. He begged to try to regain my trust back on DA. 

So I decided to give them a second chance. It took something drastic to make them lay off a little. 

They had recently opened up designer applications in their degil species and I decided to try it out, but I found out that was the worst choice I've made. On all the designs I've made so far from their species they constantly complained about the nose being wrong and they forced me to change themes on their whims because they thought a certain pose looked more like this theme. They were constantly making me do the designs to what they liked, they have a bias against leopard/cheetah spots and hate the color black so they tried to force me not to use either of those things. On the egyptian blues, I had put snow leopard spots, I was forced to remove them because White hates spots and believes they are overused and has told me they're not allowed on degil designs, however this would mean requiring all previous degil designs to remove any type of spots they have. During the sweltering fire designing process white had forced me to change its pose from a rainbow theme to a fire theme, when I said I was going to do a black base he claimed there had been too many black bases recently as to why I couldn't use the color black at all on the design, but when I looked there was only 1. He had approved the fire I had on the hooves and when it was finished he changed his mind and forced me to remove it and fought with me about the color of the fire being green. When I told him the green fire did not match the design he went on to complain about the silk color being ugly since it was black and constantly nagged "what about the silk?" until I changed it. 

According to white he thinks designers do whatever the owner tells them, when they tell them to do it and it has to be exactly their way down to every detail meaning that designers don't really get to pick anything about the design. The designers aren't even considered staff to him. 

I had asked White to remove me from designer as I was tired of the drama and instead he cried about being stressed as to why he does everything he does (he uses this stress excuse for every single thing). He then turned me over to the co-founder to tell her what was going on and she understood completely. All white had to say to me was "please don't leave, think about staying, you're the only designer I have!" The other designer White had in the group was not making any designs, hence why I was the only designer. White refused to remove them from their designer status for whatever reason despite both me and the co-founder telling him to get rid of them if they're not doing their job.

The degil species will die with White so long as he is owner. White's co-founder was the one doing everything in the group and once she is gone he will be lost with how to run the group. A few of us have been telling White to step down from owning degils as they can't run the group properly and don't treat their staff nor members with the respect he demands from us. White refuses to give up degils and claim they will either succeed with them or die with them.

White currently claims to be trying to change within 3 months and will probably claim that this is ruining his reputation even more that he says hes trying to "fix" right now. 

This is the proof from this recent bit -

I apologize for how long this journal is. Those of you who have had dealings with White are welcome to share your proof in the comments, but for those of you who have yet to deal with White let this be a warning to you as this is what may happen to you. 

Extra updates for everyone! 

Update 9/9/2017: White plans to post a beware on me and thinks they've "put me in my place" just because they've stopped me from reclaiming the Sunset Tiger design. So if you see a beware pop up on me, know its White trying to get back at me for exposing them.
White saying she wants to post a beware on me
Update 9/9/2017: I've just learned this its now perfectly legal for me to reclaim my design!! White has nullified the myo I got for the design making it completely legal for me to take that design back! If you see this design - posted anywhere by someone who is not me namely by White or the degil group then it is being stolen! I have revoked this design and it now belongs to me again!
Proof of white stating they nullified my myo: Nullifying my myo
Proof that its legal for me to take it back: Legal reason 1Legal reason 2
In case you'd like to see how uncivil of a leader white is talking about this matter I have copied the whole chat we just had as to why I can take back my design. -
Update 9/9/2017: So white's now calling me a mentally unstable chick due to showing them why I can legally reclaim my design. They just blew up in degils main chat as you're about to see in this stash link - They proceeded to delete the whole chat, but I took pictures before they did and so did a few others. As you can see more proof white does not consider their designers staff or even worthy of hearing their opinion on staff matters!


Update 9/10/2017: 

Extra deviantart accounts that belong to white -

Since White likes to not credit people that help them with their art I'm going to throw this down right now. If you see this image, fully colored/lined/shaded I want you to know I helped White with it in the event that they decide not to credit me claiming I didn't do anything that deserves credit - Nebnom Sketch
This was supposed to be a "collab" between White and I, in reality White forced me into doing it and nagged me for a sketch of their new nebnom. In the event that White also tries to say I didn't draw that here's even more proof - 

Thank you for sharing the psa around and you're very welcome!~ ^^