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Ahh, I hate the idea of doing stuff like this (as a matter of fact I've never DONE this before), but I feel like I should AT LEAST warn everyone if this Artist peeks their interests.

(Again, I've never done this before so please let me know if I did anything wrong!!)

Please Be Beware of any handle with Ashie-Baby on it!!! 

Back in 2017 I commission tumblr user ashiebaby (or ashie-baby?) ((You'll know why in a moment why I can't remember their tumblr url :'/ ))

So back in 2016 I commission Ashie-Baby on tumblr because they were having a thigh up sale, $10 instead of $20. I had never seen their art before, but I quickly liked it and since I had the money to spare at the time, I commissioned them for 5 piece of art (because why- why not I just really liked the art at the time), all of which came to $50. I contacted them on tumblr (excuse my confusion words in the screenshots from back then) and then they told me to contact them over Gmail, which I did ASAP.




However, after that interaction, I just didn't hear from them! I followed them on tumblr after seeing their commission sale, and from after the point, I saw them post occasionally, but nothing in relation to my commission- hell, I didn't even get a email or message from them.

Months later (or so?) after commissioning them, there was a post about how they were coming back from a trip and that they would be sending out owed commissions once they got back. I waited a few days and then contact them over DMs about my commission status, but they didn't reply. Sadly, I don't have screenshots of that. And I. do not HAVe that piece of information. because, 


they deleted their tumblr soon after. 

I was kind of at a lost to do for a while, a part of me was HOPING that maybe, just maybe, they just forgot to get back to me, so I waited. and waited. Months before I messaged their gmail again:


They Never Replied. 

And somewhere around then I attempted to call paypal to get something done about this, but the person who I got on the phone told me there was nothing to do but get a strike or something on their paypal account/reputation? Which is. Great. Doesn't get me back my $50.

So. After all this, imagine my surprise when randomly being on Instagram and they pop up in my recommendation list. like

:^)  . . ...  Ah, there you are–

I say it like I immediately went for the jugular but if I remember right I chewed on it for a few days if not a week plus before sending them a message because I'm a polite chicken unless severely or repeatedly provoked skjsljkdgf But yeah, I DID contact them ! And they actually replied and said they were going to refund me, but then. Well....

screenshot_20180412_182710_instagram_by_ screenshot_20180412_185000_instagram_by_ screenshot_20180412_182724_instagram_by_


That Eye... Haunts Me To This Day... MONTHS Later. orz

So, anyway, yeAh. That's what happen to me. PLEASE BEWARE

I especially say this because, even after saying they were going to refund me, that I've seen them open commissions and do follower giveaways multiple times! Please don't get screwed over like I did!!

These are their current known handles (that I know of): (Instagram) ASHIE-BABY (Toyhouse) ASHIE-BABY (Deviantart) ASHIE BABY (Youtube (Warning: Video Autoplays!)

UPDATE!!! Due to some words from some people and speaking to a person or two on the phone about it, I decided to give Ashie another message in hopes to get my refund. I thankfully did get my refund, but despite the previous DM history, they asked me the amount of the refund and my email again (which makes me believe that they deleted the DM History). Regardless of me getting the refund, I absolutely feel that if I hadn't said anything, they wouldn't have refunded me. And regardless, over a year and a half to two years is too long for a refund of all things, so please still be wary of commissioning them!!! I still advise against it!


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im not sure if this is still relevant, but their twitter is: