PSA: Daniekazaeri + Artilei/Chiba-pon (U: 04Feb19)

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This is my first PSA on here and I really waited a long time with posting this, but a recent discovery pushed me over the edge and I think it's time to get this out here. I hope I did everything correctly! I might update this again if I find more proof. Updates will be marked with UPDATE, new findings on the bottom.

Do not go and harrass/bully these users. This should be self explanatory. This exists only to make others aware of their behavior.
Who: daniekazaeri @ dA, suspected new account is soul-queen @ dA. Their current toyhouse is danieka and used to be Danieka_Azaeri,

AND, to a lesser degree but still worth mentioning with the context of the most recent event:

Chiba-pon @ dA, used to be artilei @ dA but was deactivated. Their current toyhouse is artilei. They used the names Tin Tin and Satan on discord at the time, which will be proven in below explanations.

(These are the accounts I have been made aware of)
When: ~June 2018 - Now

Where: DeviantArt / Toyhouse / Discord.

What: TLDR; both of these users got blacklisted from my Closed Species, Gleamstic, for repeatedly breaking rules (more detail on that will follow). They then continued to show disrespect to the species and me (e.g. trading gifts by me for profit, Daniekazaeri made a species that very heavily uses Gleamstic traits). And finally, they traded their own MYO designs to other people but still use the designs themselves with slight or no alternations to them, which understandably upset the new owners.



I'll try to explain what happened in a rough timeline - since most of it is from over half a year ago, it is worth mentioning that past offenses might not be documented as well as the new ones. So you can either take my word for it, or only believe in the ones where I can link concrete proof.

July 2018: The original blacklist of both users. The blacklist entries read as follows, I will link all related proof I have below them.

*******Chiba-Pon/ Tin Tin/ Artilei @ th - failed to follow rules/tried to get around rules, illegal trade, discord incidents including controversial subjects (self harm/suicide/etc)- After the blacklist, continued to break trade rules (traded a gift for profit)

- Conspiring to find loopholes in rules with Daniekazaeri. The discord name Satan/Tin Tin is Artilei/Chiba-pon, as you can see they used to own this gifted Gleamstic. The loophole they were trying to use is based on the fact that per MYO event, only 2 slots per person can be purchased. They tried to get around that by using friends to aquire more slots, which goes against the 2 slot limit.
- Illegally traded for an unapproved Gleamstic with Daniekazaeri, proof will be listed in the section on Daniekazaeri's offenses
- Concerning the discord posts, these three offenses were not okay to me or my mod team on a public server, and we have had people approach us on being uncomfortable with them. Even after asking to not post things like that, it did not stop. For context on the wound one, they apparently posted a picture of a fake self-harm wound but by the time I was notified of this, the image had been removed. For context on the 3rd one, this sounded like abuse to other members of the server, not to mention it is concerning to hear a 14 year old (self-proclaimed) speak like that on violence.
- Artilei/Chiba-pon was gifted this Gleamstic by me because she really wanted to have her first. After her blacklist, she traded the design off, which can be seen in the comments of the masterlist and was never allowed as can be seen in the description and my rules.(trading selling gifting > gifts). If it was a gift, the way of aquiring would have been 'gift'. You can see the characters ownership log here . It was in fact traded for another species MYO slot, I've been told by Onirini.

*******Daniekazaeri / soul-queen / MitziMitzu now Danieka @ th - failed to properly credit base use on multiple occasions, agreed to help in misleading admins in a rule break, trying to bypass rules, unnecessary rudeness towards an admin, trading an unapproved Gleamstic to a blacklisted member, design theft

- Character theft,(NSFW warning, genitals in their 'edits') in form of editing art made by me (Cyleana) or drawing over it. We have suspicion that these characters may have been posted on toyhouse under authorize only, as this is something this person has done before. Unfortunately, since none of us is authorized, we cannot prove this. Th profiles of my characters for comparison: karasu Maddox

- Trading an unapproved (and therefore not offical or allowed to be used) CS design of the Gleamstic species to Artilei/Chiba-pon via toyhouse who was blacklisted at the time, on authorized only. We do have screenshots of this. The design in question, made on a base sketch by me (Cyleana) notably without credit. For people not familiar with the species, here is the species guide. Also note that Danie was a part of the community until her blacklist. This design is very clearly a Gleamstic.

- The rule break issue was covered above in the section on Chiba-pon/Artilei.

- Tracing . This happened a long time ago and we hope this does no longer apply, however I felt it was still valid especially in context of missing credit on bases and character theft. This user traced pictures found on the internet with no credit given (which inspired me to make free to use resources in the first place, so they could be used instead - but as can be seen in 2., credit has not always been given correctly still).


September 2018: Creating a species stealing the concepts of Gleamstic As a disclaimer before I go into this, I am very aware that some people feel like it's ok to take traits of a CS and use it in their own. However, I am adding this point only because the history of Daniekazaeri as described above makes this suspicious - a way to still use a concept she likes despite being blacklisted.

Daniekazaeri made a species that very much shared the most striking Gleamstic traits, being the leg and crown combination, and started making characters of it. I'm still gathering input on this, as I am not aware if it still exists. We chose to ignore it when it first happened. Both her and Artilei / Chiba-pon still actively create designs of said knock-off species. I decided not to link it because I don't want to give them a platform, but you can probably find it easily on their profiles (I am blocked because they know what they are doing, so I cannot see specifics).


November 2018: Trading Gleamtstic (CS) designs but keeping and using them still with very slight design alterations. Daniekazaeri had started trading off her MYO Gleamstic designs, which in itself is fine. However, when discussing such a trade with a member of the group, she made clear that she thinks she can still use the designs as another species because "they are hers and no one else made them". Which is very concerning and upsetting to the person who gave money/art to obtain said design in a proper way. Here's the proof for that. The designs in question are also on there, the 'angel' ones being the designs she intends to keep using and the Gleamstic ones being the ones she traded. Please note how she also did not in fact remove all the Gleamstic traits, despite claiming she did. I ended up giving the all owners of Daniekazaeri's MYO Gleamstic a chance to redesign or make new ones, as Daniekazaeri is not inclined to change her ways according to the chat.


February 2019: Artilei/Chiba-pon is using art of a Character/Gleamstic they traded as their toyhouse icon Considering the relationship of these two, we can only assume that Artilei is following Daniekazaeri's example. It goes without saying that you shouldn't use art of or a character you designed after trading it off to someone else. The owner of the character in question was not aware and did not give permission for this. Here's the proof. The artist of the icon confirmed that it was the character in question, commissioned shortly after its creation.

UPDATE 04Feb19: I was told she removed the icon of the character that is not hers, but she seems to now use another icon of yet another character that is no longer hers instead now. In fact, it's the gifted character I mentioned above which belongs to Onirini at the time.

UPDATE 15Feb19: The design previously owned by Lemonhoneymaye was traded to me for a custom design, in order to revoke it from the Gleamstic species and thus remove the issue of owners having to fear for it being used unrightfully, and to keep it from unaware people.


That is all to this day! I am very glad to have gathered all of this and to find the courage to post it here. This kind of behavior is upsetting and should not be happening at all, so please be careful when dealing with these users.


thought i'd add on with the tracing thing-

so the original traced piece shown in here was noticed on deviantart in february (i don't mind it being known i was the one to originally point out the tracing)- proof of the date here

the same piece was still being displayed in the character's gallery for months after. took this screenshot today, you can see the date in the corner of my screen- here's the ticket i filed-, and 6 months 27 days ago from today would have been in july 2018, five months after the got it taken down on deviantart for tracing

just to show how little care she's shown for the rules of any site, even knowing when something is prohibited


I saw This lovely design and thought it was a gleamstick from the thumbnail. It's the mascot for their open yet not species, Lueur (french for glow). Here are the current designs in the group, and the Species lore and second page cause it doesn't all fit on my screen. Also, the lovely Trait List image. Don't know if this helps any, but I'll let you and other decide that see this.


EliMoon that is in fact the species copy I was talking about, yes! They also include traits of Onirini's species, Cryseivhen. Considering how Onirini has been a mod for Gleamstic from the start, it is save to assume that's not a coincidence either.


yeah, it's like taking a crossbreed between the two and making it a species. I know I have a species that takes inspiration from Danties but I credit the fact that it is an inspiration, as well as where all my other inspiration to make the species comes from. If they at least admitted that the inspiration came from the two species I would maybe be lenient towards them, but I made sure to get screen shots for you.


Oh my gosh the reselling and still using the character is a horrible thing to do! Breaking the terms of adoption is awful too.
Like I sorta understand her logic in terms of her trading her character but it's really not right if she's not going to redesign her current character at all.
I'd honestly be a little scared that if someone adopted it from her she'd take all the new drawing that the artist who 'adopt' them have made/ bought.

On the stealing of closed species aspect I can't really say much. I don't have an eye for cs and they all kinda look like saytrs to me?
I look at their species and I couldn't find any lore or details about theirs, If they did they take lore/ information from your species while making a species that looks very similar then I'd say they are definitely a rip off. + their history with you and your species doesn't help their case!
I feel in this circumstance you are definitely in the right to be very suspicious.