Closed Species: Astro Gools

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This species I've had for a hot second now and basically I wanted to re-introduce them because I really want to make more, but I seem to only do well doing customs.

I suppose you could call this an interest check? But it's really more of an introduction so people can see them and what they're about! The lore is a work in progress and I'd really like to find a way to break it from my screenplay some. I'm open to suggestion but please be gentle, I don't do well with critique so just like... gentle suggestions please haha. Examples are at the bottom!



They are glitches in existence that can only keep from disappearing buy consuming souls to stay anchored to this or any world. The more attached the soul is to tgis world or the closer the soul was to moving on, the more time it'll buy them. Souls perpetually stuck in limbo that have no purpose are plentiful and less valuable.

Their goo and hair color are based off the souls they are most attracted to, everyone of them being born attracted to either

Souls that have died heavy with one of the seven deadly sins resulting in sin eaters who have darker goo with brighter soul orbs

Souls that have died heavy with one of the seven virtues resulting in virtue eaters who have pastel goo with darker glowing soul orbs

They feed specifically on the part of the soul that houses the sin or virtue they are pulled to the rest of the soul remaining suspended in their goo. They are able to take small amounts of nourishment from living souls taking only the part of the soul filled with the sin or virtue they are aligned with making tgem welcomed in some societies as they can absorb vices or inhibitions

Those with white or black goo are known as full soul eaters and use all parts of the soul and need less replenishing, they are very rare but are still aligned with either sins or virtues. These special goos are able to take entire sinful or virtuous part of still living beings leaving them completely maladjusted to society as they lose balance


They typically have humanoid skin and bodies with limbs comprised of their goo*. The limbs are detached and cut off at the shoulder, elbow or wrist for the arms and the upper thigh, knee, or ankle for the legs. Their feet often take a simple pointed form but there are variations that are not uncommon. Their hands usually take the form of large clawed clubs with gems at the center that absorb the souls they consume, but there are variations to this shape as well. The gem and claws however are always present and are the same color as the creature's eyes. Most have animal ears the same color as their hair an other extremities that are made of their goo, such as tails or fins, that are detached like their limbs. It is thought that this is due to their strong connection to nature, further proven by the fact that those Gools that live near the water often have aquatic creature extremities and those that live purely with humans and work in settings with few animals (such as those that help run shops)** will have no animal parts at all. They commonly have white or black sclera and vibrant eyes***.

*See the colors section for further explanation

**See the society section for further explanation

***See the personality section for further explanation

Goo Properties

By default their goo has some morphability properties. Usually they are able to at least form clothing out of it or harden it in self defense or to form weapons*. It is compactable to a degree even being able to fit into things such as boots or special made gloves so they can hide if they need to, amongst humans. Through training and practice, many gools can learn to change the shape of their "clawed clubs"** to be more paw like or more hand like in order to complete certain tasks, however it costs them so much energy that it isn't usual. Their claws are movable, retractable to a point and their thumb claws are even aposable, so there is little they can't do with them In any form making shape shifting of that area more of a cosmetic thing than anything else. In any form their claws are always present as they are attached to their goo, removal being a form of injury*.

*See the self defense and injury section for further explanation

**See the appearance section for further explanation


Each Astral gool can be affected by the sin or virtue they are drawn to, and it is seen in the sclera.

Virtue eaters not affected by the virtues they eat have naturally black scelera and usually show a range of emotions with the exception of the virtue they are drawn to. On the contrary if they are overcome by the virtue their sclera becomes white and they are overtaken by the need to express that virtue however they can to the point of obsession but not compulsion. This means that they constantly seek out ways to express their virtue but only if it is in a way that is conscious so that they will be aknowledged in their expression.

Sin eaters not affected by the sins they eat have naturally white sclera and usually show a range of emotions with the exception of the sin they are drawn to. On the contrary if they are overcome by the sin their sclera becomes black and they are overtaken by the need to express the sin to the point of compulsion but not obsession. This means that they will often without thinking express their sin without regard to who may be viewing.

Society and Mating

Put simply, they have none. Being anomalies they don't usually exist in the same realm as each other but if they do they can seek each other out, though they usually don't feel the need to as they can adjust into most societies that have other monsters or creatures though they rarely live purely alone. It is not uncommon for them to live among humans, their usefulness outweighing whatever fear they may cause and can hold an array of jobs from merchant to soldier, doctor to model.

They can phase in and out of the plane of the living or spirit world, usually opting for wherever they are more welcomed and can hunt in peace. They can reproduce with most species after absorbing a part of the soul of their perspective partner. This will change their body to coincide with the species mating habits, forming genitalia necissary but by default they have human genitalia for recreational use though coming into existance with other genitalia by default (such as horse) is not unheard of especially in males. Regardless of species they stay attached to their young forming mateships, females actually incubating the young in their core in the form of an egg that absorbs souls unti it is ready to hatch, a process that can take a while as the egg converts to energy that seeps out of the mother over time, collecting in teh form of an infant being outside of the mother (or sometimes pushing themselves out of her lady parts, if they're a little antsy).

Self Defense and Injury

How a Gool defends themselves is purely dependant on what world they live in as they are adaptable but by default they are fast learners of combat and can pick up magic abilities with varying success. Their claws can grow and are sharper than most known and even unknown metals.

If they live in a world with artillery they learn how to use weapons. Melee weapons are easily formed from their goo, even bullets. Things such as guns themselves are too complex to be formed however and must be obtained. 

If they live in a world where magic is a common capbility they can learn it with varying proficiency. Spellbooks and or mentors are usually required however.

If they happen to live in a world with both however, the capabilities are near endless (imagination is encouraged)

Many Gools are passive though and usually don' seek battle unless they join a military, they can be used as weapons if persuaded or paid with souls.

Injury usually only results on any part of them that has flesh. They can be healed with any form of medicine from modern to spells. Their goo alone has no healing properties but can be used to fill a wound to stop bleeding until it heals or injected to erradicate things such as poison from their veins as their blood is comprised in part from their goo.


They have no heart or core, the soul orbs being what sustains them, their goo working hard to continuously process them. Though space is visible from between their goo limbs and the rest of their body, they are firmly, but invisibly, connected, removal calling for the more force than it would take to tear off an actual limb. Their bones, claws and gem are the same material and match their eye color


While skin types are usually natural like many humanoid creatures and their eyes color (same as claws and gem) varies, their astral goo takes the color that corresponds with the souls they are drawn to

Each gool has a default goo color based on either a sin or a virture. It reflects what the goo has absorbed from the souls it takes

The Soul orbs vary in color and may reflect the goo's health. Brighter orbs, or those that glow very well reflect a Gool that was strong upon death. Faint orbs reflect death via a sickness. The orbs are what's left of the soul after the Gool takes the parts it wants to eat.

Vrtuous goo are pastel in shade

Sinful goo are darker in shade

All white or all black Goo is rare on Gools and means they eat and assimilate all virtue or all sin from any soul they intake.

The color ranges are as follows

Lust/Chastity: Reds

Gluttony/Temperance: Browns

Greed/Charity: Yellows

Envy/Kindness: Greens

Wrath/Patience: Grays

Pride/Humility: Purples

Sloth/Diligence: Blues

Pursuit of Knowledge/Blissful Naivete: Oranges 

Note: Lore does not have to be followed but please realize that to partake in any canon you must follow this. I don't anticipate them becoming big enough for this to be a problem.


Note: Astro Gools can come in any body type so the exaggerated ones you see are not necessarily the norm for the species (I will add in direct images for the forum at a later time)

So yeah pm me or comment with any questions