Arcanights - Semi-Open Species

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I've been working on these guys for a few months and I think I'm finally ready to get some feedback on them/start seeing if anyone's interested. I don't have any really nice, completed visual guides or anything like that, but I think there's enough information here if anyone wants to make their own. I'm always happy to answer questions and take feedback, too!

This is just me throwing a bunch of info and ideas out there, but if people are interested I'll be looking into making a world/masterlist and making more adoptables of them myself. I'd be thrilled if enough people liked it that we could make a community for rp and stuff but??? We'll see I guess!


Arcanights are magically created artificial beings who's souls are bound to tarot cards. They act as guides and guardians, bonding to one human and devoting their existence to helping their chosen partner in achieving their goals. 

Here's the species weebly for more information! 


chib_ref.pngthe six of wands -- victory, triumph, self-confidence


If you can't read my handwriting I'm really sorry 



Minor Arcana | CommonNumbered cards (1-10) of all suitsAll basic traitsYES
Court Arcana | UncommonPage, Knight, Queen, King of all suits2 pairs of wings, larger horns, CoolerNO
Major Arcana | RareThe 21 cards in the Major Arcana3 pairs of wings, wildcard horns, CoolestNO


All of the information and lore provided pertains to Minor Arcanights -- Arcanights who are born from cards of the minor arcana in the tarot. Anyone is free to make their own Minor Arcanight! 

You can make Minor Arcanights for yourself or a friend, but you cannot sell Arcanights as adoptables! 

I haven't decided what to do about the major arcana yet (the fool, the magician, etc.), but I feel that they'll be much rarer and distinct visually from any Minor Arcanights. I'm also unsure about making distinctions for court cards in the minor arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings), so I'll ask that you refrain from making those until proper guidelines for them can be made. Court cards and the Major Arcana are the equivalent of uncommon and rare variations of the species, so they will be different visually. I'm just not sure how yet -- if anyone has any suggestions or ideas or anything like that, please tell me about them!

SO YEAH that's what I've got, thanks for reading all that if you read it all! Questions/feedback/complaints/whatever are welcome!


This guy is up for auction in the sales thread!

Ahh thank you ;v; my sister and I knew we wanted him paired with Lithia but since she wasn't technically human I chose "ward" xD (also I got it from Game of Thrones LOL).

Also oooh a Halloween Arcanight sounds really interesting! I look forward to seeing her <3!!


AAAA thanks for the bump!

I wish I had more news/adopts, but I'm still working on some things that I'm not quite prepared to present yet. But! Custom slots are open again for November+December if anyone has been looking out for those! \ o /